Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small Successes

Celebrating the little things...

1. I put away the swing. :( I am always sad to see it go. It is like a confirmation that my newborn is no longer a newborn. This is more like a medium success though - the box for it is in the back corner of the girls' closet and I have to pull everything out of it to get to it. Right now it is the only box on the floor of their closet. I haven't put the rest back yet, but the swing is away.

2. I survived Ash Wednesday without any sweets. I've given up sweets for lent. I'm going through severe withdrawl. After every meal I'm craving something ... anything... sweet. I thought about having fruit for dessert but somehow dessert on Ash Wednesday doesn't seem to go together even if I can't officially fast with Elizabeth still nursing.

3. I remembered to get out a book to specifically read for Lent. I'll still be reading other things of course, but I literally remembered at 9pm on Ash Wednesday but I still got some read last night.

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  1. great job!!! You did better than I did yesterday. I fasted as best as I could for a preggo lady, but when heartburn struck and I did not have any antacids, I gave in a sucked a couple of lollipops - it helped, but I totally felt guilty for sugar on Ash Wed when I can't really fast. So....thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Great job!
    I remember being a little sad putting the swing away.
    What are you reading for Lent?

  3. Oh I should have put that in there. Felicity got up at 5:30 this morning and even a double cup of tea hasn't got my head going full steam yet.

    I'm reading Michael Dubruiel's (Amy Welborn's husband) The Power of the Cross. I meant to read it last year but just never got going so I had been wanting to do it this year. I was so happy I remembered it last night ... must have been the Spirit working overtime!

  4. You are doing something so must more important than fasting - you are growing a precious human being made in His image! No guilt, please!

    BTW, I really shouldn't take antacids (it interferes with my thyroid meds) so when I am PG and get heartburn, drinking milk can help me. Glad the lollipops helped! (My girls would have been jealous.)

  5. Great job this week. Love #3 - I always forget until the weekend to make a reading selection for either Advent or Lent. What are you reading?