Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day - Mardi Gras

For Valentine's Day we celebrated by getting out of the house! After two blizzards, just getting out for Mass was a treat but we picked up Cheesecake Factory for a nice lunch. After cards were exchanged, the girls each got a chocolate rose and we made heart sugar cookies that the girls took turns adding sprinkles to.

Monday we finally ventured into the backyard into the mountains of snow. In addition to the snowfall from two blizzards, we had shoveled the snow from the deck onto the backyard, so the snow was definitely mounting. It was quite fun. The snow could even hold my weight up several feet. The girls had fun climbing all over it and, where my feet made holes, falling into it and needing to be rescued. You can see Felicity is about 3 feet above the ground just on the snow and Cecilia is almost as tall as the gate. In fact she could pull herself up holding on to the top of the gate and look over the other side. If the girls were a bit older they could easily make a snow kingdom back there.

Originally planned for Valentine's Day but postponed until Mardi Gras, we made chocolate covered strawberries this afternoon. This was my first time making them and I did have a bit of trouble getting the chocolate the right consistency but in the end it was chocolate and strawberries just the same. Next time I may try adding cream. I am definitely not going to try adding butter again though. I found a few recipes online that said to add butter and it made it as thick as fudge. My second attempt was much better though still a bit too thick. In the end though Cecilia ate three and Felicity ate the chocolate off three handing me the strawberries. Ah, kids! She is young.

The next try probably won't be until the summer but hopefully that will be with fresh in-season strawberries.

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