Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As My Daughter Lay Sleeping....

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, at 10:38pm, I was laying in bed. I had just gotten Elizabeth asleep and was trying to get comfortable myself. I decided to check, using my Ipod Touch, if the congressional vote had finished. I saw it had.

My heart sank. The arrogance. The stupidity. The greed. The hypocrisy.
When our nation began, it was so that people could govern themselves and our nation's founders tried to set up a government so that the people would be protected from tyrannical rule. Our national government has gotten so big that it encroaches on the people. It puts burdens on people. It is so big, so complex, so wasteful that it sucks national resources in the name of service. The federal government has become a dominating force, an enemy of the people. The people are not governing themselves. Look at what had to happen to get this health care bill passed. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, and the other great men of our nation's birth would have been appalled that such threats, bribes, blackmails and deceit were used to pass such a bill, let alone the fact they blasphemed the Lord's Day to do it. Those men were God fearing men. Our president and those who support him in Congress have no fear of God. Psalm 9 in this morning's Breviery describes them well:
The wicked in their pride persecute the weak,
trap them in the plots they have devised.
The sinner glories in his desires,
the miser congratulates himself.
The sinner in his arrogance rejects the Lord:
“there is no God, no retribution.”
This is what he thinks
– and all goes well for him.
Your judgements are far beyond his comprehension:
he despises all who stand against him.
The sinner says to himself: “I will stand firm;
nothing can touch me, from generation to generation.”
His mouth is full of malice and deceit,
under his tongue hide trouble and distress.
He lies in ambush by the villages,
he kills the innocent in some secret place.
He watches the weak,
he hides like a lion in its lair, and makes plans.
He plans to rob the weak,
lure him to his trap and rob him.
He rushes in, makes a dive,
and the poor victim is caught.
For he has said to himself, “God has forgotten.
He is not watching, he will never see.”

Around 11:10, Felicity woke up crying. Since I was awake, I went to her and calmed her. I watched her fall back asleep. As my daughter lay sleeping, I thought of the thieves in Washington who are spending her future, who gamble with money she will have to pay, who waste money they don't even have yet, and squander her inheritance. What will America be like for her? And, most likely, they will use the money of the people to kill the brothers and sisters of her generation. She is only 2 years old but she is just as American as those in Washington yet they have given no thought to her future, a future of debt, regulation, heavy taxes, lost lives. I was thankful that she could sleep peacefully while I pondered these concerns but one day these concerns will be hers as well. People love to shout, "Will someone please think of the children!" until it works to their advantage to disregard the children. Washington is throwing away our children's future before they are even old enough to know it. Our government today is not good for us, not good for America, and certainly not good for our children.

Anyone else wish more national issues were put to a national election? Anyone else think that anything congress votes on MUST also apply to the members of Congress? Anyone else think any raise for any serving official should be voted on by the people they are serving? Is there any fairness in government anymore?

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