Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

I've been trying for three weeks now to post seven quick takes but something always seemed to come up and I just never got them all done.


James and I think Felicity may have earned a new nickname. We may need to start calling her Snoopy. When she really lets loose and gets worked up, her laugh reminds us a lot of Snoopy's unforgettable laugh.


I hung this:

The top photo is Cecilia grabbing Mickey Mouse's nose. The middle photo is Felicity with James and Mickey Mouse. And the bottom photo is Elizabeth shaking Minnie Mouse's hand.


Ever have one of those days when a child is throwing tantrum after tantrum and another child just won't take her nap and you are not feeling well and you can just see your patience swirling its little tornado down the drain and then, unexpectedly, one of your children does something so sweet that you just melt and your patience fully recuperates. I love those moments. Here is what gave me mine.

Cecilia drew this. She brought it to me and said, "Mommy, I made it. This is for you. That's Mommy and that's Cecilia." It is my first completely voluntary "Mommy and Me" picture. Now I really wish I can't given her a dying pen to scribble with so I would feel justified throwing it out later, but when the pen wouldn't write, Cecilia just kept at it until it did. Then, she gave made my joy overflow. She brought me this.

From left to right that is Felicity, Daddy, Cecilia, and Mommy and Elizabeth is on the bottom. Precious. Priceless.


A month and a half later, the snow has all melted. Fortunately, I had already gotten the girls their spring rain boots because the spring rain is definitely here. The girls couldn't wait to get outside. After all that snow plus the rain, our backyard resembles more of a swamp than a grassy yard but the girls have been out on the deck. I caught this picture when the girls had swapped vehicles. Cecilia, in her spring rain boots and Minnie Mouse hat is on Felicity's train while Felicity, insistent on her winter coat, snagged Cecilia's tricycle. The girls are eager to do some spring gardening. I'm getting excited about it too but I've told them I want to wait another week or two. We've had snow on Easter before so I just want to make sure we are past any freezing. Our past tulips, lillies and hyacinths seem to think that Spring is definitely here though!


Felicity refused to nap twice this week. One of those days she simply held out until an early bedtime. The other day though, she simply couldn't make it. I tried to bribe her with some crackers to stay awake  as it was simply too late for a nap but, well....

Then she began falling over so I carried her to the sofa. She slept about 30 minutes, just long enough for a power nap, and then woke up. When I tried to keep her up, she preceeded to be cranky and cry for about an hour. Oh why she needs that earlier nap!


Last weekend was a sad weekend for movies. I watched Precious and The Stoning of Soraya M. Precious is based on the "experiences" of a teacher with her students and Stoning is based on a true story. Both movies were about women who are considered worthless by some people. In both films, the women are abused both verbally and physically. But whereas Precious takes place in the US, Stoning takes place in Iran. Now, no matter what you think of either country, it is scarily sad how similar the films are in what happens to these women. Precious is beaten and raped by her father and Soroya is beaten and murdered by her husband. As depressing as these films sound, both strive to end on a note of hope.

For those who would justly criticize what Iranians did to Soroya, watching these films back to back, I cannot help but question how atrocities like what happen to Precious happen in the US. Yes, Soraya's is public whereas Precious' is behind closed doors, but how many people in Precious' life never stopped to talk to her, help her. Many people mocked her, hurt her, assumed her difficulties were her own fault. The Iranians in Stoning do the same thing. Who could we talk to to see how they are doing? Who could we help? Soraya died because an unfair law and culture allowed some cruel men to manipulate other unfair men. We have unfair laws and an unfair culture too. We have cruel and unfair men.

There is not much I can do about the laws or cruelty in Iran but these films help illuminate that it is because of what happened to these people that everyone should be involved, everyone should strive to be involved. As Edmund Burke said, "Evil will prevail when good men do nothing."

Both films are difficult to watch but both are well done. Stoning, especially, should be seen as the harsh truth of it's story should not be ignored and cannot be written off.


Are you getting March Madness? We are watching here. GO DUKE!

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  1. Congratulations on a great list, thanks for sharing pictures!
    Very interesting movie reviews, I'm sure watch them back to back was difficult but compelling.