Friday, March 26, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

Happy Friday!


When I was pregnant with Elizabeth, Cecilia understood that there was "a baby in mommy's tummy" and she understood the baby came out when Mommy was in the hospital. But she has added her own interpretation.

Earlier this week, we were looking through a small children's Bible and we got to the picture of the Annunciation, especially fitting this week. We talked about how the figure on the left was an angel and the one on the right was Mary and the angel was telling Mary that she was going to have a baby in her tummy and the baby would be Jesus.

Cecilia turned the page and the next page was of the Holy Family at the Nativity with Mary and Joseph holding a little infant Jesus. Cecilia said, "POP!" I asked, "Pop?" and she said, "POP! The baby was in Mary's tummy and then it pops and the baby comes out."

Not a bad understanding really for a four year old. It bears the truth of the matter, unlike a stork scenario, but keeps it simple and not frightening.


Overheard this morning:

Cecilia had finished breakfast and James was just finishing.

"Daddy, you want to play with me? It's okay, my Mommy will clean up."


Yesterday, in a rare victory, I got all three girls asleep at the same time. After the appointed time, I was still having trouble getting them up. When I finally did get them up, neither woke up particularly happy but more cranky. When I told Cecilia that she had fallen asleep for over an hour she corrected me. "Mom, I didn't sleep! I rested!" She was passionately adamant that she didn't sleep but only rested. I didn't argue as she was grouchy and the point was moot but, for the record, all three girls were asleep for over an hour yesterday and it was a nice treat for Mommy!


Elizabeth turned 9 months this week and she had her 9 month check up today. She is doing great. She is 17 pounds, 11.5 ounces. She feeds herself peas, broccoli, chicken, rice, roasted beef, pasta, bread, bananas, peaches, pears, cheerios, french fries and even pizza. She crawls like a pro, pulls herself up standing, cruises along the furniture and can even stand up without holding on to anything for a few minutes. She says numerous sounds but I think "dada" is her favorite. She knows her name and seems to even have picked up on what the word "no" means. In short, she is doing very well. Even her sleep has even improved over the last couple of months. She still wakes a couple times a night, but she doesn't nurse to sleep anymore and it is so precious to have her cuddle on my shoulder and rest her head on my arm and go to sleep curled up on or next to me. I cannot believe her first birthday is less than 3 months away.


We watched New Moon, the Twilight Legacy sequel. I was quasi enjoying it until the last hour when things seemed to get a bit strange and far-fetched. I'm curious to read the first Twilight book. The first film was better than I expected though lines like, "you are my own personal brand of heroine" left us cracking up. I'm hoping the book is better written. Anyone read it? Love it? Hate it? In between?


Cecilia has been doing very well with her reading lessons but we have run into a little challenge. The sound, "th." She has a tendency to say "dat" or "dis" instead of "that" or "this." She has been practicing just the "th" sound but it has slowed things down a bit. Otherwise she has been doing very well with her Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons book. She actually begs me to "do school work" with her every day. You cannot put a price on a child's desire to learn.


I fell down the stairs this morning. Fortunately, I was not carrying any children when I fell. And I had to laugh afterwards because I fell on my rear and then proceed to slide down the stairs on my rear. I was still not awake enough to respond very well. However, the way I landed hurt my neck and head. I don't recall hitting my head on anything but I think the way I landed on my backside may have had consequences for my spine up to my neck and head. I've been fighting of a headache ever since. The funny thing? My back has been sore all week until today. Dare I hope my stair slide was God's way of fixing my back and my headache will just go away?


Cecilia is currently fascinated by the concept of a spork. lol.

Have a Blessed Passion Sunday Weekend!

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