Thursday, March 4, 2010

Small Successes

1. I finished going through, sorting, organizing and de-cluttering our bedroom AND our closet! Wohoo for clean closets!!!

2. Twice I let Cecilia and Felicity play on my bed while Elizabeth played safely in her crib and I got to shower. When did showering become such an inconvenience that it could be a success?

3. I've kept up with my Lenten reading. With three little ones I can easily forget something I want to do, especially something like this I try to save for the end of the day when at least two are in bed. But so far so good!

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  1. AWESOME list, I can appreciate every #. You rock, and yes, showers are successes LOL!! As is brushing teeth and washing my face :)

    Much love!

  2. My closet is the one "room" I kind of refuse to go through. It overwhelms me every time. #2 made me laugh :-D.

    Great week!

  3. Showering is definetly a success! And doesn't de-cluttering feel amazing? Getting rid of all the useless stuff is leaving me so much more time!