Wednesday, April 14, 2010



I hope everyone had a very blessed Easter week. Here are some pictures from our Easter.

Each of the girls got Bunny Baskets with a six-pack of Crayola sidewalk chalk and some candy.

Each girl got several books courtesy of Grandma and Papa and Cecilia and Felicity each got two DVDs.

Since we love the wooden train sets and our girls seem to find endless ways to play with them, we decided to give them one big set to share. Cecilia was always faster ripping off the wrapping paper than Felicity.

So Felicity got to open this set of 3 circus train cars.

Elizabeth didn't quite understand what was going on. Every time I pushed this present to her she just slid it right back to me. I'm not sure if she thought it was a game or was trying to stand up holding on to it and it was just too light.

Naturally, her sisters were happy to help her out with her presents.

She is still a bit young for the books, but she will grow into them and she enjoyed gnawing on her new Mickey and Friends set.

Elizabeth enjoying her Easter morning pancakes.

My girls love their pajamas so it was no surprise when they bolted back into them after Church. We had out Easter egg hunt after Church.Both girls were very efficient finding eggs.

I was especially proud of the yellow one I hid among the blocks.

Somehow we have too many eggs. But the girls enjoyed finding all but 1. I had to retrieve the 1 they missed. But I think it is safe to say each had plenty of goodies to go around.

We set up the train set and the girls have been practicing sharing.

On Easter Monday we dyed eggs. I was just exhausted from the weekend and was not up for much, so each girl only got six eggs to dye but it was enough. Then they had fun putting stickers on them.

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