Wednesday, April 14, 2010


With Spring in full force we've been trying to do a bit of gardening. With three little ones, I'm not feeling as ambitious this year as I was last, especially since we will be moving this summer. But the front could use a few improvements, so the girls and I got to work.

My impatiens from last year did not survive, so I replanted and this time we are trying Pansies in various shades of purple and white and deep red.

Happily, my lillies from last year are anxiously greeting the new year. They are growing fast too!

The girls have their own gardening tools.

Last year's lillies are working their way up and we added a hyacinth and 6 more Easter Lilly plants this year.

We've always had trouble with this one strip between the driveways. it just turns to mud. So this year we planted some simple plain green plants to help.

Of course, we couldn't leave Elizabeth inside.

She was fascinated by the set up.

Cecilia calls our front lawn "my garden." Unfortunately the sheer number of bees, of various kinds, made us work swiftly and get back inside quickly. The colors on Elizabeth's bassinet seemed to attract them and I cannot tolerate massive carpenter bees hovering over my 9 month old. But at least we all got out and the plants made it in the ground.

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