Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Breaths of Music

We recently watched Father of Mercy: Don Carlo Gnocchi. It was a very good film and well worth the viewing. There was one line in it that made me pause. It is in Italian with English subtitles, so even if I wanted to quote it, it would be a translation anyway. There was one scene where he finishes saying goodnight to the crippled and orphaned children he is caring for and talks to a former fascist about forgiveness. When he has finished talking, he says he is going to go spend some more time with the children and says that their breathing is like music to him that he cannot even describe.

I loved that. I admit I don't sneak into Cecilia's and Felicity's room often when they are sleeping because I am afraid of waking them. But Elizabeth sleeps in our room. I love watching my girls sleep. They are so beautiful, so precious when they are sleeping like angels.

Every parent remembers those newborn days when you would go check on your sleeping baby just to make sure they were still breathing. You'd check just to see their little chest rising and falling to make sure they were okay.

How precious are those breaths! How beautiful to hear those gentle breaths! Is there a more beautiful music?

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