Monday, May 31, 2010

Publix! Oh, How I Miss You!

I lived in South Florida for about 12 years.

And for the most part, I hated it.

I'm not a beach person, a tennis person, and I can't afford golf enough to know if I'd like it. I don't care for hurricanes or tornados. I despise the heat, humidity and almost all bugs, especially when they come in jumbo size.

But there are two things distinctly Florida that I miss. First, due to it's boringly flat surface, Florida has beautiful sunrises and sunsets far more often than anywhere else I've seen. Can't beat 'em. Second, I miss Publix.

Publix, the primary food store chain of Florida, has spoiled me. Wide aisles, well-stocked, plenty of checkers and deli subs worth standing in line for - Oh! How I miss you!

I detest my food store. I shop at a Giant from which we have wound up with rotten produce, produce that lasted less than a week, fatty meat, empty shelves and non-existant checkers. Even more, I detest the food store I used before this - a Safeway. I had to run to that Safeway today, in a shopping center where someone got shot not too long ago I might add, and as I was putting gravy jars in my basket, suddenly behind me, an avalanche of tabasco, buffalo and hot sauces suddenly came crashing down from a top shelf. Fortunately no one was hurt, but my white sneakers, new khakis and, indeed, brand new cream purse all got spattered in red. I left the store stinking of vinegar. I still don't know what happened. I think someone or something hit the rack from the other side to cause a domino downfall of bottles but regardless, I all the more hate that store.

I know this is a bit of a rant, but I just had to say, after such a fiasco just for running in for gravy and hamburger buns, ... I miss Publix!


  1. I have only shopped Publix once while I was on vacation in Miami in high school, but it lived up to the hype. Around here I feel blessed to have two good chains and one that's like the Safeway you described. I avoid it at all cost. Super Wal-Mart is better than that! I'm going to email this link to my mother because 3 years after moving to their current home, she is still missing her 3 grocery stores, one Super Wal-Mart, one regular Wal-Mart, one Target Greatland and one regular Target in a 10 mile radius (man she had it made!).

  2. Unfortunately, Maryland doesn't like letting any stores get "supered" so it is only recently we have a walmart super center within 20 minutes of home. We do have a Target not too far, but it is a regular one.

    Wow, sounds like your mom had it made.

    Yes, I do so miss my Publix. I don't suppose I could petition them to expand up the eastern seaboard and drive the rotten ones out of business.

  3. I wish there was a wegmans closer to us then baltimore, I would show you the wonders of wegmans... sigh. I love that place

  4. I've never been to a Wegmans but, yes, Baltimore and Virginia is a little far for us to go food shopping. I'll remember the recommendation though if I'm ever near one!

  5. My in-laws just moved from Severna Park to Delaware and my step-mother-in-law was a Super Giant devotee and avoided Safeway, I wondered if MD was where you were when I was reading this! Here in southeastern NC we have Harris Teeter (very much like Publix) and Lowe's Foods which is pretty close but not that it won't leave you wanting for something. Then there is Food Lion. I despise Food Lion.

  6. My husband went to a Harris Teeter for the first time just recently. I haven't been in one yet though. I'm not familiar with Lowe's food. I've heard of Food Lion but I haven't been in one.

    I think it depends on the Giant and the Safeway here in MD. I know another Safeway that can be nice to shop in, it is just farther from us. But that is part of my praise of Publix. ALL the Publixes I've been in have been really good. It doesn't seem to matter much whether it is here or there, if it is Publix, it is first rate, whereas here it seems to depend a lot on location and which one.