Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rekindling Romance

Betty Beguiles has a wonderful post on rekindling the romance in your marriage. It is definitely worth reading.
The early love was blissful but not strong, fun but lacked depth, and true but untested. Many peaks and valleys have come and gone since those early, carefree years and each one has refined and strengthened us. 
Nonetheless, I don’t think we’re meant to simply sit back and do nothing when the dry times come. I think we ought to accept them and all the grace that comes with them but also fight against any currents that threaten to separate us.
Of course having three small children can make it difficult to keep romance aflame. But I love her point that, while every marriage has peaks and valleys, highs and lows, if we respond with patience, charity and prayer to the lows, they enhance our marriage and build up the love that was sincere but not as strong making it tried and true. I recommend reading the whole thing. She (and Kate Wicker in the comments) give some wonderful suggestions for keeping the flame alive and reigniting that spark when the highs begin to descend. 

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