Friday, May 14, 2010

Seven Quick Takes - Brown Paper Packages Edition

It has been a while since I did a Quick Takes. We've gotten some new stuff around here in the last month that I'm excited about and so, a la Sound of Music, this is the Brown Paper Packages Edition.


For a baptism anniversary present, Cecilia got this indoor hopscotch mat. It came with two beanbags, so the girls play on it together. Cecilia often likes using chalk on our deck to play hopscotch, but April kept our deck soaked and she couldn't get out much. So this seemed like a fun way for her to get some physical activity inside.

In addition to my new domain name, for Mother's Day, James bought me a rosary ring. I've been trying to pray the rosary or the chaplet of divine mercy more but without a physical rosary in my hand, I'd get distracted so easily and lose my place. But a rosary in hand is a temptation for little hands to play. So I was excited to find this. The cross is for the Our Fathers and the bumps are for the Hail Marys.


On August 22, 2009, Matthew Hodge, the 17 year old son of former Disney story artist and Big Idea (Veggie Tales) productions director Tim Hodge, was in a serious car accident. A train struck his car at 50 mph as he was crossing the tracks. While his bones and organs remained unharmed, he suffered severe head trauma and remains in a coma today. The Hodges' insurance not covering everything, the National Cartoonists Society Foundation held a fundraiser to raise funds for Matthew's medical expenses. Artists ranged from animators to cartoonists to book illustrators. Some names I knew were Bil Keane (Family Circus), Brad Bird (Pixar), Charles Shulz (Peanuts), Chuck Jones (Looney Toons), Don Bluth (American Tale, Land Before Time), Hanna-Barbera (Flintstones), John Lasseter (Pixar), Matt Groening (The Simpsons), Nick Park (Wallace and Grommit), Ollie Johnston (Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, etc.), Pete Doctor (Pixar), Phil Vischer (Veggie Tales), and Sandra Boynton (SnugglePuppy, Pajama Time!).
We contributed by winning a poster of Disney's The Princess and the Frog signed by all the animators including John Lasseter. We finally got a frame for it. I still don't know where we will hang it yet.


I've been wanting to get a nice statue of Mary for our kitchen. James bought me this beautiful Our Lady of Fatima. Isn't she beautiful? Sorry the picture came out a bit dark. As my word for the year is Mary and, more specifically, queenship, I thought this was a particularly appropriate statue of Mary to smile back at me in the kitchen.


A friend of mine who has been homeschooling for about 20 years now had a homeschooling curriculum sale in her yard. She asked other homeschoolers, if they had any curriculum books or things they wanted to sell, they could join her. Of course I went and of course I didn't come home empty handed. Felicity found this treasure for a single dollar. It is a Ravensburger didacta puzzle in very good condition. It is not new as it says it was made in West Germany but it is so beautiful. Felicity is quite the puzzle-phile and this puzzle has been a wonderful new challenge for her.


Another find were four volumes of the American Cardinal Readers. Volumes two, four, five and eight were all hardcover and in excellent condition and only $2 a piece. I actually already have volume one, so it was a nice addition to the collection.


Well, as the warm weather has returned and the girls are spending a lot of time outside on the deck, I took special notice when I spotted an attachable screen at One Step Ahead. Last year we killed I don't know how many flies that got in the house and even had a few stingers get in as well. I can't completely close the door because Felicity has trouble opening it and if the girls should need to get in quickly for any reason, I want them to be able to. Likewise the girls have a hard time remembering to almost close the door. So we bought and installed a Bug Off Instant Screen and it has worked better than we had hoped. It doesn't align perfectly at the bottom but we haven't had a single bug get in yet. The girls have no problem going in and out and the magnets close the screen behind the girls. 

I look forward to hearing any comments or questions on any of these. I don't usually post on things, but it has been a while since I did a Quick Takes and I actually had enough for my first special edition!

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  1. Just found my way over from Conversion Diary. What a beautiful family! What fun to go to a homeschooling yard sale! I loved the American Cardinal Readers when I was growing up - such a find. Thanks for posting about the bug screen. I am putting this on the memory list for when we return to the States.

  2. I like the looks of #7. We are fresh air freaks but the sliding door sticks to the point where I actually snapped off a piece of the handle, trying to get it open one day! May have to look into this...

  3. Thanks for #7! I've looked at that for a couple of years and really wondered if it would really help. We have a regular door leading to the back so even the littlest one can get in and out, but it is open way more often than I like. We have a big fly problem here. Even in the winter!

    Came over from Conversion Diary. Lovely blog.

  4. I made one of those screens myself, as I couldn't afford to buy one. I've used it for 4 years now and think it's great!

  5. Oh, I love the music from the Sound of Music!

    The Rosary ring is really neat - I've never seen that before! And very cool that you got to go to a homeschool curriculum yard sale!

  6. Oooo, that bug screen looks like just what I've been looking for!

  7. The statue of Mary is beautiful. And what a great homeschooling sale . . . I am headed to a friend's house next week who is allowing me to take any of her old material I want! I am so excited.

    So nice to "meet" a fellow Catholic, homeschooling, Marylander! And, I love the name Felcity! If we are ever blessed with a daughter, that is what I would like to call her!

  8. Love your quick takes!

    Sunshine award for you over at my blog. :)