Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Successes


Celebrating the little things...


After several days spent working on it, I finally got my new blog up, running, live and posting.


Each time one of my girls outgrows her shoes, I clean and polish them and then store them in a zip-lock bag labeled with the size of the shoes. I've had two of Felicity's too-small shoes on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks. I finally got them cleaned, polished and put away. Ahhhhh, more counter space!


I began de-cluttering again. I began de-cluttering in Lent and got about 30 bags/boxes cleared. Then three little girls and life happened and I stopped. I began again this week and we are already clear the equivalent of about 4 more bag/boxes.


I had over 1400 emails in my Inbox. I knew for a while now I'd been needing to go through it but I'd been procrastinating simply not wanting to. After all my work to get my blog up and running and my links reorganized, I figured it was time. In less than a day, my inbox shrunk to 30 emails.

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