Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That's my Alma Mater

I still get updates and emails from my alma mater, the University of Dallas. I recently got an email from them that included a picture of one of their new billboards. This one is at Highway 75 and Fitzhugh in Dallas.

Now, I really enjoy watching football but the strength, focus and integrity of UD has always been it's liberal arts academics. So, while I always look forward to the start of football season, I love this billboard.


  1. Our oldest daughter is has UD on her short list. I can't believe we have one looking at college already. Beware, time flies!

    Beautiful family, BTW!

  2. Maurisa, prayers for your daughter that she attends the school best for her! God Bless and Thanks!

  3. I like it! UD is one of the schools on my daughter's short list.