Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The National Zoo

I found out on Saturday that an old and dear friend of mine was in town. We have known each other since kindergarten, attended each others weddings, and try to make as many of each other's childrens' baptisms as possible. I hadn't expected her in town since she is very pregnant but was delighted to see her and her family. So when they offered to meet us at the National Zoo, even though James couldn't come, I packed up the girls and into D.C. we went. We were also fortunate that another mutual family of friends was also able to join us and, as they are all adults, the ratio of kids to adults was in my favor!
Cecilia with Therese. Cecilia is almost 4 1/2 and Therese will be 4 in August.

With the crowds near the Pandas, the girls were told it would be good if they held hands to stay together. Priceless.

Now, Therese had an adorable ladybug backpack. So adorable, that Cecilia wanted to wear it the entire time. She, happily, never fought for it, but was persistent in her requests for turns to wear it. Fortunately, Therese is a very sharing little girl and was happy to let Cecilia wear it quite a bit. Cecilia has persisted to ask for one ever since we got home. She can ask hourly if it is on her mind. I have found the exact same backpack online but I simply cannot even think of ordering something less than 2 weeks before we change addresses.

Therese was even so sweet as to help Cecilia put it on and take if it off.

The girls saw many animals, but, well, I don't care to take pictures of most of the, here are more pictures of us!

Another highlight, especially for Felicity and Therese, was a mist spray the zoo had going. Both girls got soaked and loved every minute of it. I told Cecilia she could go in but she didn't want to get her shoes wet. :)

It is funny how kids can say, "oh look, a tiger. Let's go, mom," and then they get to a pond with turtles and want to spend 30 minutes watching them.

This was just before we parted ways. Felicity is flipped over crying and overdue for a nap. Elizabeth had napped for an hour and was simply calm and observant. Cecilia is behind the stroller along with my friend's son Gerard. (Cecilia was probably trying to get him to agree to give her another turn with the backpack, which he was wearing at the time.) I am standing next to my friend, Cecilia. Beside her is her husband Sixto with Therese on his shoulders. We all had a great day and I hope we will get to see each other soon, hopefully at the baptism of her soon expected new little one.

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