Friday, June 11, 2010

Seven Quick Takes


Cecilia and Felicity have created their own Alice in Wonderland game. They will take turns being Alice and the White Rabbit and chase each other. "Wait, White Rabbit! Wait!" And off they go. Here is how you know two sisters are playing: When "Alice" catches the "White Rabbit," they hug and kiss. And then switch and the game continues. It is a perfect game for tiring them out!


I renewed my passport and got my new one in the mail today. What in the heck are they doing out there? I sent them a perfectly fine pair of photographs of myself and the photo in the passport is me, I think, under a bunch of lines and bright red! I look like a tomato, to the extent it even looks like me. No wonder terrorists can get into this country if pictures don't even resemble the person anymore. Geez!


Well, I packed up the board games, the Wii games, and about 1/3 of the kitchen. I'm going to start having nightmares of boxes chasing me trying to swallow me into storage. I've also packed up almost everything that hung on the walls (excluding crucifixes and the girls' room). Overall the packing is going well. Today I'll be focusing on catching up on laundry and packing our closet. 


Cecilia and Felicity seem to understand what is going on and are so far unphased. But Elizabeth has been very clingy of late. Maybe it is teething. Or maybe she knows something is going on and she doesn't understand it. But she will beg me to hold her for hours. If I put her down she can sometime be very upset and yet sit perfectly calm in my lap. I'm beginning to wonder if the changes in the house as the boxes mount and all the packing is making her nervous as her environment is changing.


We made homemade pizza using Melanie's Pizza Sauce recipe. Mmm mmm good. As she suggested, I also did half wheat and half all-purpose flour with some flax seed for added bonus. If I can just stretch the dough a little thinner I think we will be all set!


We have a wall hanging of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with various Velcro pieces the girls can put on, pull off, move around, etc. I snagged this shot today when I saw Elizabeth walking around with "Toodles" (a Mickey-head shaped machine helper) stuck to her rear. 


We call these Elizabeth's Olivia pants. The pajamas actually come with a different top but as I was wiping the bathroom floor of spillage, she fell head first into the tub. I caught her mid fall so her bottoms are dry but her hair and top part of her shirt got soaked. Hence the different shirt, but I cannot put these pajamas on her without wanting to call her Olivia. Gotta love that pig!


  1. Love the "Olivia" pants! That's what I'd call them too... while loudly singing "Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! O -liiiiiiii-viiiiii-aaaa"

  2. My favorite "Olivia" life lesson is the one about if your mom is going to have a baby and she asks you want you want you does not mean you are going to get the kind you ask for. Where she introduces her little brother William and her "little bother" Ian. Very much my house! Oh, my mom just told me that my grandmother's confirmation saint is St Frances of Rome. I knew Frances was her confirmation name and she chose it to be her middle name (she never had one) and it was supposed to be an Italian saint (my grandmother is FBI, full blooded Italian) but not which saint it was. I love that its St Frances of Rome because my grandmother is the embodiment the quote you have at the top of the page!

  3. Kristen, no problem. Sometimes Blogger is fickle. I've taken care of the extra posts.

    We love Olivia. I so wish Ian Falconer would write more Olivia books. The tv show is good because it stays true to the characters of the books.

    Yes, I love her life lessons, especially about whether you'll get a baby brother or a baby sister. Olivia's imagination illumines one of the best parts of a child's innocence.

    It is nice to find others who appreciate St. Frances of Rome. She is not one of the more well-known Saints from my experience but she is so relatable for me and, I think, for a lot of married women out there. She struggled to find God in the daily life as wife and mother - there should be a St. Frances of Rome club!

  4. Glad the pizza recipe worked for you. I must say your pizzas are shaplier than mine tend to be. I struggle to get them even vaguely round. I also have a hard time getting them thin enough. I usually settle for no gaping holes. Our standards are low as long as they taste good.