Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elizabeth's First Birthday Party

Due to the timing of her birthday and the move, we didn't schedule Elizabeth's birthday party until July 3rd, when my parents would be in town and two of our dearest friends were able to come. 

Cecilia and Felicity were eager to help Elizabeth open her presents.
But Elizabeth did try to open one. (Gotta love that Mickey Mouse birthday hat!)

Fortunately, Grandma offered some assistance.

Getting it...

Got it! Did it!

The cake.

"Happy Birthday, Dear Elizabeth! Happy Birthday to you!"


My beautiful one year old.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! William had lots of "help" opening his presents on his first birthday back in May. We celebrated Shelby's birthday party (hers is July 6) on the 3rd as well. Great day to celebrate!