Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elizabeth's First Birthday

Elizabeth's birthday did not fall at the most convenient time this year, not only because we were moving less than a week later, but it also happened to fall the day the new Apple Iphone came out. My cell phone for 3 years now has been an el cheapo, nothing but phone, if that, charging plug won't stay in, piece I have hated. So, when Apple announced the new Iphone was going to be coming out, James said he would get me one and add me to his account. So we reserved it at our local Apple store and got in line around 8:30 that morning.

We brought crayons and coloring books and pretzels. We also brought along my Ipod Touch on which the girls know how to play a few games and which also has the digital copies of Wall-E and Bolt.

It took me a while to figure out exactly how the line worked. The standy-by line is on the left and spans across the picture to the entrance of the store. The reservation line went from behind where I am taking the picture, diagonally across the foyer back around in front of macys, down a hall to the entrance of the mall looping back to the entrance of the store. James stood in line 8 hours to get the phone but took only 10 minutes from entering the store to leaving. Never again. Geez! BUT! I LOVE my new Iphone!
The girls and I did not last all 8 hours. I tried to prolong our stay through lunch in the food court, trips to the Disney Store and water fountains and even a car-ride nap, but in the end, after 7 hours, we went home. Elizabeth's godmother met us at home to wish her goddaughter a happy birthday and had brought presents for all the girls. She gave such wonderful books!

While at the mall, I picked up a cookie cake for Elizabeth's birthday. 

She definitely enjoyed it.

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