Friday, July 9, 2010

Seven Quick Takes


Each of our children have had the same pair of first shoes: Pip Squeakers. They make a nice selection but these are the ones each of our girls have worn as their first pair of shoes. They go with just about everything and the squeak with each step. All my girls have loved them. They get such a kick out of the fact that, when they take a step, they themselves are making that noise! "Hey, look what I can do!" And, for those places where you don't want your child squeaking up a storm, a small piece of scotch tape over the squeaker and they are just plain cute Mary Janes. 


One of the bad parts of packing is that it opens new avenues of danger and reasons for upsetment. Having emptied this bookcase, the girls have begun climbing onto it's shelves and hiding in it's cabinets. But they aren't always happy when we notice they are there, especially when they have snagged Mommy's Ipod Touch and are enjoying the glowing screen in the dark.


Our new rented townhouse has a patterned ceiling. 

My dad saw Felicity just staring at it and asked what she was doing. She said, "Just looking." He asked if she thought the looked like snowflakes. In an awed whisper she replied, "Fireworks." Oh how I sometimes wish I could see into that imagination.


This past week we had a heat wave. Maryland felt like Texas. For someone who doesn't like the heat, this stunk. Since we had a lot of unpacking to do, we spent a lot of it inside in the air conditioning, but little girls can only stand watching mommy unpack boxes so long. We had temperatures up to 103 and heat indexes up to 105, so the only way I was going to let the girls outside was with cold water. The girls didn't mind. How have you been keeping cool?


The day before she turned 1, Elizabeth figured out how to climb onto the sofa by herself. We have been catching, comforting, scolding, and guarding ever since. We've had to move our wedding picture and all the remote controls. 

We tell her to get down so when she knows we see her on the sofa she breaks out with the biggest smile. It has become her new favorite game. She thinks it is the most fun - until she falls off.


Well, we took the girls to see Toy Story 3. Overall we did very much enjoy it. Elizabeth slept about an hour the first time we saw it but she was awake the entire second time. There was one part toward the end that did scare the girls a little such that they wanted to sit in daddy's or grandpa's lap, but otherwise they heartily enjoyed it. I honestly can't say which of the films of the trilogy is my favorite as they each have songs, characters or moments that I enjoy so much. One of the things I love about all the films is that Pixar never tries to make the toys more than they are. They aren't international spies or superheroes trying to save the world. They are toys and the strive to be just that, the best toy of themselves they can be. They strive to be true to themselves and this makes the film so rich even on this floor-eye-level of a toy. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. 


Just a photo I'm sharing.....
Reading time with Grandpa.

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  1. I am so glad you posted the Pip Squeaker link. A little guy at the hotel I work at had them on this morning and he's Will's age and Will is our big wanderer (those chubby legs toddle mighty fast). It would be helpful to know he's decided to take off when he does it!

  2. The girls look adorable and I'm elated to find Cecilia hiding in a cabinet with an iPod touch.

    I hope the move went well!

  3. Kristen, hope you like them. We really like them and our girls adore them.
    Mike, Thanks. Yes, Cecilia has been trying to find more places to hide but, of course, there are very few empty hiding spaces left now. We keep having to tell her to keep out of the kitchen cabinets or pulling out all the toilet paper to hide. Move went well and we are almost done unpacking. How is Ohio?

  4. The new apartment looks awesome.

    Ohio is... Ohio. I mean, let's just say I'm not the BIGGEST fan of the Midwest. But we finished writing the show today (the fastest that's every happened) and the kids I'm working with might be the best group I've come across while working with Lovewell. Which is great. But let's just say that I don't plan on moving to Dayton any time soon.

    Top 5 Favorite Dayton finds for the summer:
    5. A Billboard that says "The Happy Hormone Cottage" and that's exactly what it's advertising.
    4. Streets that are one-way every other block.
    3. A short street called "Obell Road" (cause there is a Taco Bell on the corner)
    2. That the 5th of July is apparently a bigger holiday than the 4th.
    1. It's illegal to have a couch on your porch.

  5. I don't think I'd mind the midwest but I'd miss mountains.

    Naming a road after a Taco Bell stand is too funny.
    One way streets drive me nuts, esp. in D.C. where they are equally matched by "No Left Turn" signs.
    I don't think I want to know what the Happy Hormone Cottage is.