Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't posted recently. It has been a bit nutty.

James will be leaving for Trent, Italy on Thursday for a theology conference and he will be gone a week. My dad will be here to help but I'm still trying to make sure I am fully stocked on things like diapers, wipes, toilet paper, frozen veggies, meats, etc. so the week has as little stress as possible. I'm also still working on putting those little things in their place after the move. Should the rocking chair go here or there? That kind of thing.

I also found out Kodak was having a 10 cents/print sale from July 4th. I only print pictures 2 or 3 times a year and it was time I did it so I spent a lot of time last Monday and Tuesday uploading and ordering pictures for ourselves, grandparents, great grandparents, and godparents. It saved us quite a bit but it was something I otherwise would have waited to do due to the move. It is done although now I have a ton of pictures to put into photo albums. (A project for another day.)

On Friday we had an earthquake. Yes, in Maryland. A 3.6. Piddly by West Coast standards but certainly not something we are used to here. In fact it is the strongest earthquake to hit within 30 miles of D.C. since they began keeping records in 1974. Nothing fell and nothing was damaged but the vibrations woke me at 5:04am. Just this year we've had record-breaking snowfall, record-breaking heat, and a record-breaking earthquake. It makes me wonder just what other records we can bust in 2010.

A Facebook friend replied that we need record-breaking changes in Congress.

Here, Here!

(Okay, enough politics.)

Anyway, the girls are doing well. Cecilia and Felicity had been acting up a bit after the move but I think they are calming down some. A move will stress anyone out but especially little ones, even if they like the new place. Elizabeth also seems to be cutting more teeth. I'm not sure exactly how many but I can see a canine and an incisor working their way down/up respectively. Awaken drool factory!!!

I was waiting until after the move to also make a few changes. Now that we are moved in and things are settling, I've begun encouraging Felicity to use the potty more. So far it has only yielded a few trips though I know she has done it before. Hopefully she will be more excited about it over the next month. I also shifted Elizabeth from sleeping in our bed to sleeping in her crib for her naps. It makes my day so much less stressful if I don't have to bolt upstairs every time she is awake to get there before she falls off the bed when she wakes up (a nearby ipod usually attracted her enough where she rarely was ever even near the edge). Once she is used to it for naps, I will transition her at night. I was hoping to have her in her crib for nighttime sleep by the time James goes to Italy but I don't think that will happen. I think it will just be too soon and result in too many unnecessary tears. She is getting close though.

I visited our nearest library and got a library card. I tried to get the girls looking at the books in the little kids section but there was a school group there and as soon as Cecilia saw the kids, she began making friends. Felicity found their puzzles and bead mazes and, well, I think I was the only one to look at any books and that was while chasing Elizabeth. I think we will need to go when it is not quite so busy but that may be challenging since the county, for budget reasons, has cut back on the hours the library is open.

I also visited our nearest public pool and inquired about swimming lessons for Cecilia. I will register her in August and will begin taking her for lessons in September. I was on the swim team when I was younger but it has been a long time since knew the steps to learning how to swim.

Needless to say, between settling in, teething, earthquakes, and potty runs, all the little odds and ends have just been keeping me busy. I'll try to post more often as more gets settled.

God Bless!


  1. I was surprised we had an earthquake too! It did not wake me though. I slept right through it! I hope all goes well while your husband is away!

  2. It has been busy all around I think! And don't I know how you feel about teething and potty training at the same time, doing it here too! Shelby will hopefully be starting swim lessons soon as well. She loves the water and we'd love to get her some survival strokes in because, she has no fear.