Friday, July 9, 2010

Victory! : The Playroom

Technically this is a dining room, but as our kitchen table fits in the kitchen, I need a playroom more. We had so many boxes of toys, and I don't mean just small boxes but big ones too. It took me over a day to unpack, sort, store, organize and clean through everything but at last we have a finished playroom. In the end, about the equivalent of 3 file boxes will be donated, about 4 stored, and the rest here

The desk has all the coloring books and crayons.

It may not often look like that, but at least it did and has the potential of look like this again. 


  1. It looks great!! I love the little kitchen. I want a little kitchen for my son to play with. I know, he's a boy, but I firmly believe boys can play house and dress up and such, too. How else do they learn to be daddies?

    A thought: get some bins for toys so it's easy for your kids to put the toys away and keep the playroom looking neat. I just thought there are a lot of neat stacks and arrangements, and remembered trying to make my room like that as a kid, but as I grew, I learned the best way to clean with little ones is to have bins that they can sort their toys into.

  2. Karen, thanks for the suggestions. The next time we are at the container store I will definitely take a look. The biggest challenge is how many different sizes everything comes in, but I'll definitely see what child-friendly storage they have.

  3. I totally agree with giving up a dining room for a play room. My parents did it until we were in our early teens. Our house is so small now that we have neither, but it would be an easy decision at this season in our lives if a house came with a dining room.

  4. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about reorganizing a play room! You did great :)

    My daughter would be coveting that Princess and the Frog poster for sure! (Well, the whole room probably but...the poster in particular :)