Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling Their Absence

I'm in the midst of morning sickness for baby #4. So I, expectedly, look forward to "quiet rest time" each afternoon when Elizabeth takes her glorious more-than-2-hour nap and Cecilia and Felicity rest quietly. I have been making a point of taking advantage of the opportunity to rest myself and enjoy the quiet-er environment.

About an hour or so into out quiet time, I felt like something was missing. Cecilia and Felicity were sitting quietly, but I missed Elizabeth. Even though she needed her nap and I needed that break, I missed her and I felt her absence.

It made me think to before we had Elizabeth. We still had two little girls, but we didn't know she was missing then. And this time next year, who will be that new little person who we don't know yet but who will fit so perfectly into our family and our lives that I will miss him or her then that little bundle is sleeping?

It made me think about all those women who abort their children. All those children who had a place to fill and never will. How can you explain to those women that they have lost a part of themselves even if they don't realize it. Sometimes you just can't know how much you would miss someone until you give them that chance to come into your life. Who in your life are you so thankful that you have and wouldn't choose your life to be without them if you could? Suppose you had never opened the door to them? How can these women begin to understand that what they are missing? You cannot know unless you trust and give life a chance.

Then, and only then, does God fill your life with people whom you never could imagine living without.


  1. Congratulation! Hope you are feeling better soon. Beautiful reflection!

  2. I think about "missing children" and other moms often too.

    An interesting fact that I found out while doing my midwifery studies is that each of our babies actually leaves a little bit of their DNA in our womb. Isn't that cool? And each subsequent baby has a little of the previous childrens' DNA in them too. Neat stuff.

    Maybe one of the reasons we can feel a physical longing for them when they are not with us.

    Must be sad for mama's who lose their babies to miscarriage or choose *choke* to abort them. I just don't get the latter.