Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven Quick Takes


I was truly humbled when, to my surprise, Felicity declared my legs were dirty. I had showered only 24 hours previously and they weren't really dirty, but she decided I was too dirty to let it go. She got the container of wipes and began gently wiping my legs and feet. Could anyone not think of Holy Thursday? My two year old on her knees washing my feet. I'm still awed by it.


We have adopted a pet. The wooded area behind our house is inhabited by a Tiger Swallowtail. He flies all around our house and to our neighbor's yards, sometimes resting for a spell on our deck. The girls have named him, "Flutter."


Elizabeth teethes differently than Cecilia or Felicity did. Elizabeth goes 2 or 3 months with nothing and then gets 4 teeth at once. Throw in a cold she got from Cecilia, and you have the nose that never stops and one miserable little girl. Fortunately, her cold seems to be slowing down and Motrin has been helping her at night so, after 4 nights of struggle, she is finally back to sleeping all night in her crib.


We picked up the figurines the girls painted last week. I think they are quite beautiful though they are still struggling not to think of them as regular toys. Cecilia's is the puppy on the left and Felicity's is the kitty cat on the right.


Unfortunately we could not plant a vegetable garden this year as we had to move. But we did get a children's garden set of cherry tomatoes that the girls planted. We put them in planters so we could bring them with us and, though they have struggled a bit, they are almost 3 feet tall. Cecilia ate the first tomato to come off it and said it was very good. There are 7 more on the way! Hopefully, in a couple of years, we'll be able to have our own thriving vegetable garden.


I needed something fun, somewhat light, but for adults to read. Now, I've read Lord of the Rings, but I'd never read The Hobbit, so that is my current literary endeavor. I'm enjoying it but it doesn't, yet, have the richness of meaning or the character development I know from Lord of the Rings. I am not quite half way through though, so my criticism is only based on the first 1/3 or so. 


Someone once told me that whenever they weren't feeling great, the one singer they could listen to that always made them feel better was John Denver. Now, I do like John Denver quite a bit, but I think the singer who would fit this description for me would be Josh Groban. Do you have one singer who always makes you feel better? Who is it?


  1. #3~Hope Elizabeth continues to feel better
    #6~ I remember liking but not loving The Hobbit
    #7~ Now that you mention it, John Denver and Judy Collins are two constants in my life, music my parents played when I was little that I now listen to myself.

  2. Oddly enough, I think my "happiness singer" has to be Bruce Springsteen. Blasting Born to Run on my stereo makes me so happy :)

  3. Whenever Dom gives the girls their bath, they insist on washing his legs and feet. They don't do so with me, though.

    The Hobbit was written much earlier and began as a bedtime story for Tolkien's children. It is much less complex, though still a fun read. The Lord of the Rings was really his masterpiece. The Hobbit will feel like a bit of a letdown if you read LOTR first.

  4. I liked the Hobbit, but no, it is certainly no LOTR. I felt like I was being cheated out of those intimate conversations that I would think would have happened around the campfire or along the trail.

    I hope Tolkein's story ceased to be a bedtime story by the time he threw goblins and giant spiders into it. :)