Monday, August 16, 2010

The Trouble With Miriam

Okay, we moved into our new home at the end of June. We also got a new phone number.

Well, apparently that phone number used to belong to a friend of Miriam. Miriam who? I have no idea. But she is absolutely convinced that her friend must still have this number. She has called over 40 times since we moved in. She sounds elderly and does not sound malicious or seem to intentionally trying to annoy anyone, but remains confusingly convinced this is still her friend's number.

I've tried being nice. I've tried chatting with her. I've tried explaining this isn't their number anymore. I've tried telling her not to call anymore. I've tried telling her this is Dominos. My dad has tried telling her we are Airforce 1. Nothing has worked. She has even left a message for her friend in which she says that she "thinks she has her correct number."

Since her full name and number show up when she calls, I tracked down her address. It is a retirement home. So I tried calling them and spoke to a very nice woman there who wrote Miriam a letter and copied it to Miriam's son.

She still keeps calling.

My last thought is to suggest to the woman at the retirement home that, if her friend is not deceased, maybe her son could track her down and put them in touch and maybe she'd stop calling then.

Otherwise we are left with two choices: change our new number or pay $6.50 per month to block her number.

The woman at the retirement home suggested I try to even be mean to her just to see if that gets her to stop calling. Of course we have avoided being mean to her, but I was very terse this afternoon when she called 2 more times.

Otherwise, we are out of ideas. What in the world do you do with someone who is not malicious but is still "harassing" with repeated phone calls?


  1. If it's a new number, I'd change it. But with a number we've had for a while, I'd pay the $6.50 to block them. We had this happen to us once and my husband nearly threatened this man who kept calling for his friend with legal action. That's when I ponied up the money to block. We didn't have too much longer with that number, so it would end up being cheaper than a lawyer. I think you've tried everything you can reasonably do. Like I said, new number so I would change it. It's weighing the inconvienience of telling friends and family the new number vs continuing to deal with Miriam.

  2. I'd try the retirement home again and admonish them to help Miriam find her friend's correct number. If that doesn't work, then I'd change my number. Poor Miriam. Poor you! I'm sure it is quite annoying.

  3. Reminds me of a story I read once from a blogger from the US who moved to the Orkney Islands of Scotland to live with her husband. Except the caller driving her crazy was her mentally ill father in law. There really was nothing she could do.

    I think I'd change the number because it doesn't seem likely you'll get Miriam to stop calling. And pray for her.