Friday, September 10, 2010

Approaching Heaven

I think at least once every summer, I post on Facebook how much I hate the heat. Anything over 80 degrees I despise. I find it stifling, uncomfortable and draining. I begin every June bracing for the long haul. I generally do pretty well  until nearing the end of July. By August I am beyond ready for the heat to be gone and the bugs to die. August is my most hated month of the year and by the end of it I am always counting down to the beginning of September. I know September 1st doesn't always magically bring cooler weather, but I know by then that I am getting closer.

This week we finally got some autumn weather. I drove to the food store with both front car windows down. My hair was a mess by the time I got there but I couldn't have cared less. Cool breezes and crisp air are invigorating, refreshing and bring me back to life after the heat and humidity of August have drained me into a grumpy lump. And of course, with autumn, the world becomes painted a rainbow. Sometimes I think the constant green of summer can be as tiresome as the gray of winter, though I definitely prefer winter to summer. There is no time of year more beautiful than when all the trees shed their green and take on hues of gold, crimson and amber. The of course there are the harvest with aromas of pumpkin and apple pies.

If summer is my hell, autumn is my heaven, and my spirit cannot help but begin skipping this time of year. By early October, it will be running with windows open and excuses to go outside. By the end of October and into November, it will be soaring basking in the beauty and bliss that God so mercifully bestows on such a summer-weary soul.

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