Monday, September 6, 2010

Little White Bumps

Elizabeth has been a little grouchy and a little attention-needy lately. I hadn't thought a whole lot about it, but she has been demanding I hold her more than she had been.

Yesterday evening I was trying to keep Elizabeth away from a puzzle Felicity was doing. Elizabeth like to try to help by picking up the pieces and throwing them at the puzzle. So I distracted her by tickling her extensively.

While she was laughing hysterically, I caught a glimpse of bright white bumps on her gums. I tickled her again to get a better look and behold there were 4 first molars recently broken through. She seems to have skipped her canines for the moment and gone straight for the grinders. Considering she is getting 4 large teeth all at the same time, she has been handling it very well but that clearly accounts for her additional comfort needs of late.

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