Monday, September 6, 2010

Self Potty Training! Or Not.

A few days ago Felicity, completely on her own, said she wanted to wear underwear. I had some in her size and got one on for her. She was so excited she ran around showing off her underwear. Cecilia told her how proud she was and gave her a big hug. She has been ecstatic to wear underwear ever since.

However, ....

She hasn't really managed to wear the underwear without an accident. She does tell us when she is "leaking" and she tries to stop it, but I really don't think she is ready for the underwear yet. On the other hand, I really don't want to discourage her. She wants so much to wear underwear like her big sister but, after days of accidents, she still struggles.

I really appreciate her motivation and excitement about becoming a full-fledged potty-user, but I also can't have accidents half a dozen times a day all over the place. So, I have gently urged her back into the pull-ups and just told her we need to practice keeping the pull-up dry and once she can do that we will go back to underwear. She took it well but I do think she was a little disappointed. I'm hoping though, over time and with practice, it will help motivate her to become more familiar with what her body is doing when and maybe next time we pull out the underwear, they will stay dry.


  1. Frustrating. But I found with Bella that underwear were a great motivator. We told her she couldn't wear them until she'd had a whole week of being dry in her pullups. Hope it works with Felicity. We're not quite there yet with Sophie. She occasionally tells us she wants to sit on the toilet; but never actually does anything on it.

  2. Joseph is the same way. He loves his underwear but doesn't tell me till after they are wet. So, we're back on diapers (because he does the same thing with pull-ups). He'll be 3 in a couple of weeks, but what I'm hearing is boys are better after 3...I'm sure hoping!