Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Afternoon At The Farm

On Saturday, after Cecilia's and Felicity's swimming lessons, we went to Homestead Farms. Everyone in our family absolutely loves apples, so we simply could not miss our annual apple-picking.

Cecilia was a determined apple-picker. Felicity spent most of the time in the wheelbarrow putting the picked apples gently into the bucket.

Elizabeth got a little antsy just sitting there while the rest of us picked apples. Fortunately Homestead Farms is not opposed to you sampling their produce. She had eaten about half of it before she dropped it.

Elizabeth got the stroller ride and Cecilia and Felicity took wheelbarrow rides. 

Unfortunately, many many many of the apples looked like this. Yep, those rotten stink bugs that I'd been ranting about on Facebook. If they were a local pest, I could at least take comfort that God put them here. He didn't. They are illegal immigrants from Asia and as far as I am concerned they can go right back where they came from. Another hazard to some of the apples was damage from the hail we got this summer. The poor apples just couldn't win. 

Grandpa helping Felicity find a healthy apple.

Even though she spent most of the time in the wheelbarrow, Felicity did pick a few apples. 

After all that apple-picking, Cecilia just couldn't resist.

En route back to the barn from the orchard, there was a playground made of tractor tires and bales of hay. Cecilia never could resist a playground.

Even though most of the kids were much bigger than Cecilia, she got up there and gave it her all. She didn't quite make the jump, but she has guts.

Of course we had to stop and feed the animals. Cecilia was anxious to see the chickens. Unfortunately, after a whole day of being fed, most of them couldn't have cared less that we had feed for them. nb

This little fella did give us a little notice though. Felicity appreciated it.

Once we got back to the main barn area, we could deny Elizabeth no longer and she was allowed to roam a bit. She took off too. There was no stopping her. 

After visiting the animals, we went for a hayride to the pumpkin patch. "Cecilia, stop throwing hay" became my new mantra. I think she learned her lesson though when she got off the trailer to discover hay up her pants. I mean all the way up her pants. She couldn't walk without the chaff chaffing her. 

At the pumpkin patch, Cecilia and Felicity each picked out their own pumpkins and then helped find one for Elizabeth. 

Can you tell it was a bit breezy? But really, it was a gorgeous day. Not a cloud in the sky. 

The fruits of our labors. 26.8 pounds of pumpkin and over 25 pounds of Pink Lady apples.


  1. Those apples look great! I've never tried Pink Ladies before. Shelby will only touch Red Delicious (the joys of autism again) but since it is fall, I have stocked up on Gala and Honeycrisp (two of my favorites). I wish there was an apple orchard closer (the nearest is about 2 hours away), my father grew up in Upstate NY near several of them and I would love for my kids to have the experience of picking their own!

  2. Kristen, I love Red Delicious. That is my favorite. Pink Ladies are my husband's favorites and Gala is my dad's favorites. I'd love to be able to have a few apple trees of our own one day but pick-your-own is always fun. I don't know where you are located, but maybe there are other pick-your-own opportunities? like Strawberries or blueberries?

  3. There actually are a lot of Strawberry and Blueberrys which are fun, in our area, and even I found out, watermelon. I'm going to link to this post about apple varieties. Shelby is so funny. She inspects all her apples. If there is any green or yellow coloration, it's out! If the bottom is not uniform, she won't eat it. But thanks to your seven quick takes, I think I'll start making candy and caramel apples with her rejects! My husband is not an apple eater and neither is Joey, I'm hoping Will is on my side!

  4. Oh my, Katherine, I think I found your old blog today (a post from December '09) :-D.

    What a fun post! I love pink lady apples! We just got 100 pounds of golden delicious, but I want to go back to get some pink ladies and granny smiths for applesauce :).

  5. lol, yep, that was mine.

    I saw all your apple juice on your blog! It looked delicious. I hope the farmers in your area didn't suffer from stink bugs the way ours did. Some farmers said they lost as much as 20% of their crops. They said near wooded areas it was as much as 50%! Ohhhhhh do I hate those stink bugs!

    I've never made applesauce from scratch, at least not yet. Maybe one day. My girls keep asking when we are going to make apple pies. lol.