Saturday, October 23, 2010

Like Cats and Dogs

Well, it has been an interesting week.

Cecilia and Felicity hit Monday like a train running full speed into the side of a mountain. They didn't take it well. After a weekend of swimming lessons, a trip to the farm, and playtime with Grandpa, Monday was just medicine they didn't want to take and so the side effects of tantrums, quarrels and meltdowns ensued. I did laundry.

By Tuesday the girls were definitely behaving better and Wednesday went well. So I was a bit surprised when Thursday became an absolute nightmare. The bickering, the misbehavior, the meltdowns ... oh boy did it exhaust me. I even sent Cecilia and Felicity to their room that afternoon. I was ready to take them up to bed at 5:30, but I waited until 6:30 and I had had a nice shower.

I've been trying to figure out just what the heck is going on, because that isn't how they had been behaving previously. Even Elizabeth has been having trouble sleeping lately, waking and crying sporadically and sometimes having trouble getting back to sleep. Felicity has also had some diarrhea. Are they fighting an illness and just not feeling well and so acting out? Is it more growing pains? Cabin fever? A bet who can drive me crazy first? Elizabeth has tried to bite me a few times this week so I suspect teething may be her culprit but I'm still not sure about the other two.

They were better Friday and generally good on Saturday but the quarreling does still happen occasionally. I may actually have to start enacting a new form of punishment I've never really needed to use before, such as a time out or quiet time in their bedroom. (Their bedroom has no toys apart from the stuffed animals they sleep with.)

I am actually trying to put a little bit more of a schedule in place beginning Monday to see if a bit more of a schedule will help keep them more busy with less time for bickering or meltdowns. I am also preparing myself for more sending them to their room if the bickering continues. What bothers me is that this is new and I really don't know or understand where it came from or why now, but I'll see what I can do to see it ends and soon.

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