Monday, October 25, 2010

My Birthday

Well, Saturday was my birthday. I had an early birthday present on Friday when I got to hear our unborn baby's heartbeat at my OB appointment. While the doctor had heard it at my previous appointment, I hadn't. Certainly what mattered was that someone heard it, but still it was so nice to hear it myself. I also got my prescription to schedule my mid-pregnancy sonogram.

 I was very irritated our parish calendar was so fraught with errors that they said my birthday saint, John Capistrano, was Friday and Saturday was Anthony Mary Claret, who was actually Sunday. They also insist every day in October calls for white vestments. If they are going to be that lazy, I'm going to buy myself my own calendar next year. 

Saturday was also the girls' last swimming lesson of the session, which means it was the only lesson that friends and family are invited to come and watch. Their lessons take place in a smaller room with a teaching pool and due to its smaller size, they don't allow spectators the rest of the classes. 

Overall the girls progressed a great deal over only 6 lessons. Felicity advances to the next level. She kicks her feet and blows bubbles and floats on her back. Her difficulty is in getting her eyes and ears wet. She doesn't like her head going under. I expect her to outgrow that as she is very young, but she is doing very well. She isn't quite as much into it as Cecilia though. Cecilia adores swimming and has no problem diving her head underwater. She kicks while blowing bubbles and doing "circle arms" and she loves pushing off the wall. She could advance to the next level but the next level is without parents in the pool and neither her instructor nor I were sure she was ready for that. Both girls have done very well, but it seems as they should be in the same class for their next sessions. This is tricky for me because there is only 1 time for that class I can do. So I have wait-listed Cecilia for the second fall session and plan to sign up Felicity for her class in the winter session. If Cecilia can retake her class in the second fall session, she should be ready to advance to the next level by the time Felicity enters the winter session and maybe by then she will be a little more comfortable getting her eyes and ears wet. 

Anyway, after their lessons, Cecilia asked James if she couldn't get a cake or something for my birthday. James asked my opinion and I said I had no objection provided 1) there wasn't enough leftovers for a small army and 2) it was the good stuff. So he ran to our favorite bakery, Creative Cakes, and bought some chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcake and spice cupcakes. Ohhhhhhh, heaven in a little paper wrapper. Of course, as they also did our wedding cake, I'm not unbiased, but all their cakes are always sooooo good. 

This was followed by presents. I admit I opened a couple a few weeks ago but I couldn't resist. My mom bought me Hoover LINX cordless Stick and Hand vacuums with an extra battery. We had tried using a Shark or a Swiffervac but they always died or had problems not long after we got them. These had great reviews on Amazon so I was very hopeful. So far it has worked really well. I do wish the batteries lasted a little longer, but it is really hard for me to gauge how long they do last. Why? because Cecilia LOVES to vacuum with them, particularly the hand held one. She will beg to be allowed to vacuum. Nice bonus huh? I have to credit a mom I know with 5 kids for that idea. Mommy gets a new vacuum, kids to do the cleaning, and a clean floor. Trifecta! 

Of course I also got some books I've been wanting and hope to get to soon, Beauty and the Beast on BluRay, Spirited Away on DVD, and 2 new Wii games - Mario Galaxy 2 and Toy Story 3 (which Cecilia asks me to play constantly). Another bonus was a waffle maker. My girls love waffles, so I hope to come up with our own waffle recipe and make our own. 

We then watched Song of the South together since my dad hadn't seen it in, oh, about 25 years. 

On Sunday, after Mass, a Mass I might add where the girls were very good - another nice Birthday present,  we drove through fall foliage lined roads to Cracker Barrel. Our nearest Cracker Barrel is about 45 minutes away, so we don't get there too often. After a disappointingly long wait (of course Cecilia and Felicity didn't mind as they got to play with the toys in the store the whole time), I got to eat my country fried chicken with country gravy (foreign food to Marylanders it seems) and, after such a wait, the girls ate unusually well too. 

This was followed by football and, of course, leftover cupcakes. Heaven II in a little paper wrapper. 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like it was a great day! So funny, yesterday on facebook a friend put as her status "Is it sad that I'm excited to get a new vacuum? Probably, but I don't care!" She got choruses of "a new vacuum is awesome" especially from people like me!

  2. Thanks.

    Yeah, James said he thought of buying me the vacuum but just kept seeing in his head that scene from Father of the Bride: "What is this 1950? Buy the little wife a blender?" LOL.

    Wait til they see my Christmas wish list - cloth diapers here I come!