Friday, October 8, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

I know I haven't done a quick takes in a while. I just don't always have 7 to put up, or at least not the brain power to think of them all at once. But I think I finally have enough random pictures and tidbits, a quick takes is in order.


Just gotta love when little ones pretend they are big ones.


We have clover growing by our back door and on our front walk. I love it. I can't help but think of St. Patrick and the Trinity every time I see it. 


A few weeks ago, on a spur of the moment decision, we took the girls to the Baltimore Aquarium. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the camera, but James and I each got a couple of pictures on our phones. The girls loved it and even Elizabeth got to walk around some and look in the tanks without being held. The aquarium also had a baby dolphin last spring, so we couldn't miss the dolphin show. 


Elizabeth has been practicing getting into a children's chair and sitting by herself. She has gotten too good. Now she sits in the chair, then climbs onto the table, then onto my chair and then down again and makes a regular obstacle course out of it. I've finally calmed down enough to let her do it. 


Cecilia and Felicity like to dress up as Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White and Belle. Elizabeth likes to try to wear their crowns. They don't last long on her head, but she is adorable walking around in pajamas with a tiara on her head.


Elizabeth has become my little trouble-maker. She has turned into a regular monkey. She is only 15 months old, but she climbs on top of the children's table, the children's rocking chair, the kitchen chairs (which means she could get on the kitchen table if she had the chance and tried), and today I caught her standing on the play kitchen.

I know she enjoys it, but she really needs to stop scaring he heeby jeebies out of me like this. 


A few weeks ago, Cecilia asked if we could make candy apples. I consented except I informed her other than mixing the ingredients, she wouldn't be able to help. Small children and sugar boiling at 302 degrees are simply a disaster waiting to happen I was not willing to risk. I already have 1 daredevil monkey who tests my heart rate (see #6). Well, on Tuesday I checked the fridge. We had 8 older apples and I had a sleeping 1 year old. We are planning on going apple picking soon, so I figured it was as good a time as any to use the older ones, fulfill my promise to make candy apples, and make room for the freshly-picked ones all at the same time. 

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  1. Wow candy apples are a great seasonal treat! Our state fair is next weekend and I can't wait to eat all the "bad food" I never eat anyother time of year...candy and caramel apples included! Love the pics of Daredevil Elizabeth. At now, seventeen months, Will is the same way. My biggest struggle is not to scream or react to suddenly when I see him, like I did last night, climbing on the stone picnic table outdoors and calmly walk over and remove him.

  2. Kristen, yeah, while I'm definitely getting better at not screaming over her climbing abilities, I'm still not ready for her to try out for the circus. I keep joking to myself that everyone will just get helmets for Christmas. I did move the little kitchen so she cannot use the windowsill to climb on top of that and we are being cautious to keep the kitchen chairs pushed in. The rest is just keeping a watchful eye and trusting her guardian angel to help me out.

  3. Katherine, I'm Joey Tramma's father. Thanks for your prayers! Do you all live in the DC area? We should get together sometime.

    God bless!

  4. Hi Patrick. I'm so happy Joey is doing so well. I can't imagine what a parent goes through when their child has to go through so much.

    We'd be happy to get together sometime. We don't live far from D.C. My husband teaches at CUA and (God willing!) hopes to finish his dissertation this year.

    I hope Joey keeps doing so well! God Bless!