Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday and Friday

Since Cecilia only had 8 pages left in the 32 pages of her Kindergarten Math book, I ordered her Grade 1 Math book. It wasn't cheap but I don't expect her to go through it as quickly. It is a good thing I got it ordered too. I don't expect it to get here until next week and Cecilia came up to me at 6:45 Thursday morning asking to do schoolwork and I could just guess which schoolwork she had in mind. Given the early hour, I hadn't said my morning prayer yet, and no one had had breakfast yet, I declined. But when it comes to math, she is showing no signs of slowing down yet. 

The previous night, Elizabeth had woken up crying shortly after midnight. I got her back asleep but she woke up again crying at 4 something. That time it took me a while to get her back asleep and I didn't get back to my own bed until after 5:30. I didn't get back to sleep. Between the midnight waking, and being up since 4 something, I was significantly more tired than I would otherwise be. I generally try to wait until lunch or early afternoon to have my solo caffeine fix but by 7:15am, I was downing Pepsi Max. 

Cecilia only felt up to 2 pages of math later that morning and then we did 2 chapters in her science book and 1 reading lesson. By then Felicity was feeling a bit neglected and wanted someone to color with her, so for 10-15 minutes, all of us colored together. And then Elizabeth began eating the crayons. 

Our afternoon wasn't "on schedule" because we needed to get to the mall to make some returns. But the girls didn't mind. They got to take two rides on the carousel and then have dinner at Red Robin (I had a free burger coupon for my birthday). It wasn't an easy day. I was tired. Really tired. But it was good to see how the schedule could function by degrees even when I am not running on all 8 cylinders or we do need to shift things a bit.

Friday got off to a start not as bad as Thursday, but not as good as the first three days. I overslept by about 30 minutes and while I took a little time for the internet, I didn't get to my Morning Prayer. I did get to watch Mass, during which Cecilia insisted on getting her math book and, yep, finished it. Four days and she finished the entire Kindergarten math book. I'm still kindof stunned. Then I went food shopping. We actually had completely run out of butter. I don't know about you, but at my house that is a crisis.

I picked up Chick Fila for the girls for lunch and at 11am, my dad took James to the airport. He is going to Atlanta for a conference. I think that is another reason today was a bit off. While I don't plan on having school on Fridays, having daddy leaving for 3 days does have an impact on an even less-scheduled day.

Once Elizabeth was asleep, even though we hadn't had any reading time, Cecilia and Felicity asked to go outside. Although a bit chilly, it was beautiful out, so they had some outside time. When they had been chilled enough and came inside, Cecilia kept asking, "Is it prayer time yet? Is it prayer time yet?" Finally it was 3pm but when I turned on EWTN, Cecilia was upset, and I disappointed, to find not the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on a Friday no less) but a rerun of the Pope's visit to England. Fortunately youtube came to the rescue.

Well, the rest of the day was more a matter of survival mode without James here. I cooked dinner and cleaned up and then bathed Elizabeth, Cecilia and Felicity. Grandpa then watched Elizabeth while I got Cecilia and Felicity asleep. Then I got Elizabeth asleep and soon I will get myself asleep. Grandpa is on his own. 

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  1. I turned on EWTN at 3 too to find the Pope's visit and was thinking "huh?" I decided to do my own Chaplet of Divine Mercy with virtual adoration. If Joey and Will could keep their attention, we would have been on youtube too though. I think saying it with that visual guidance is so helpful for little ones. Joey loves the International Rosary because he likes the other languages. I wasn't sure what languages all of them were when he would ask, so we did it Thursday with captions on! Now he tells me "Croation mama!" or "French mama!" when he hears the prayers in those languages.