Saturday, November 6, 2010


Just in case anyone was wondering, our Fridays are fairly schedule-less. Friday is when I go food shopping and do any other errands that need to be done.

In the case of yesterday, James watched the girls while I went food shopping, picked up the dry cleaning, and ran to Target. Then all of us went out to Olive Garden for our big meal of the day. We then drove Elizabeth to sleep and James stayed in the car with her while I took Cecilia and Felicity into Michaels. We then all went to Costco, which was a bit of a madhouse.

"Dinner" was dessert from Costco consisting of chocolate chip cookies, apple crumb cake, pound cake, and banana nut cake (the cakes were a smallish 3 pack). It was Elizabeth's feast day, so of course we had to have a little something to celebrate! :)

After the girls were in bed, I disassembled the high chair, scrubbed it down all over, polished the wood, and reassembled it while watching a 2 hour documentary on the musical The Phantom of the Opera. (Thanks for the mention, Michael. Turns out we had that channel!)

Usually we don't have that much errand running to do. We just happened to be running low on everything from ground beef to toilet paper to diapers, pullups and wipes and with company coming for Thanksgiving, it was good to do a full stock-up.

Fridays are a bit open though. Sometimes we will run to the mall. Some Fridays are the perfect opportunity for a field trip. Fridays are kindof my "whatever" day primarily because James can help out on Friday which can make some errands much faster and easier.

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