Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekly Review I

I honestly have NO idea how this is going to work or if I will find it worth keeping up. I know many bloggers do a weekly daybook about their plans for the week and what they are doing. I just never found this really practical for me. What I am doing now is moot as whatever it is it is constantly interrupted and whatever my plans are, they are always subject to the changes necessary when dealing with a pregnant mommy and 3 small children. But instead of doing bi-weekly updates on what we are up to, I thought one weekly review might suffice. I'll see how it goes.

Monday was one of those days I just didn't feel like doing anything. Blame hormones. Blame the time change that got my girls up before dawn. Blame whatever, I just didn't feel like doing much, despite doing Morning Prayer and watching Mass. Cecilia did math for 45 minutes but lest you think I am mistaken about the math book I had bought for her, even though she began this book last week, I've had to keep skipping and on Monday, she was up to lesson 19. She still gets bored, but I've managed to keep it moving enough to keep her interested. I am looking forward to when that new math book gets here. Fortunately, by the afternoon, I was feeling better and Cecilia and Felicity got some time outside and I got most of the laundry done.

Tuesday was definitely better. I admit I began Morning Prayer around 7 and managed to finish around 9:30, but Cecilia did some math, a little in her new Grade 1 Science book, and we began studying money a little bit in terms of how much a penny is worth, a dime, a nickel, and a quarter. All of us went outside for an hour and enjoyed some beautiful fall weather. The weather was sunny in the low 60s all week. Can't waste it!

Wednesday I couldn't get any of the girls to agree to go outside in the morning. Instead, after school, there seemed to be some sort of fruit craving going through the house. Cecilia ate an entire apple, Felicity had 1 1/2 bananas, Elizabeth had 1 1/2 bananas and part of an apple. After all that fruit at 10 am, I didn't expect them to eat much for lunch, so it was more of a snacking kindof lunch. After I got Elizabeth asleep, and had my "me!" time, Cecilia and Felicity wanted to go outside, so the three of us got some fresh air until Elizabeth woke up. After saying the Chaplet, playing some Mario Galaxy 2, and our daily dose of Candyland, Cecilia and Felicity were ecstatic to see their new bunny slippers arrived. Additionally, Cecilia's new math book came.

Thursday went really well. I had Cecilia and Felicity fed, breakfast cleaned up, and the dishwasher emptied before 7:15. Elizabeth continued to munch on fruit, but she finished off our supply of watermelon and cantaloupe and almost finished off our pineapple - how could I complain? After Morning Prayer and Mass, I informed Cecilia her new math book was here. She was so excited when she saw it she begged to do it. However! One thing bothering me about our school time is that she gets so excited over math, and even a bit over handwriting and science, that she never wants to do reading. She isn't bad at it either, she just never asks to do it. So I told her I'd like her to do 1 reading lesson each day, and then, afterwards, she could do as much math as she liked. She happily agreed. So, after she did lesson 37 very well, she then began her new math book and didn't stop until she was 17 pages in, without skipping.

I knew James was going to be working later than usual, so I suggested we pick up Chick Fila for lunch. The girls begged to be able to go there and play on the playground. Felicity is never as fond of going outside as Cecilia or Elizabeth are, so I thought this might be an opportunity for her to play "out" but not outside so I agreed. We went to Chick Fila, had lunch, and then all three girls spent 45 minutes playing on the playground. The important part is that there were very few kids there. This is really important because Elizabeth can climb the entire playground but she is still small enough she can easily get knocked down by a bigger child excitedly playing and not paying attention. She spent most of her time climbing up and down on it. There was one boy there I was very close to needing to say something to. I got an all too vivid picture of what things are like at his house as his grandmother never even came in the playground and the few times I heard her say anything, she sounded like the Grinch. Cecilia and the boy were having fun playing together as he was only a couple years older, but when he wanted her to come somewhere, he just said, "Come on," and grabbed her by her elbow. He was also fond of screaming, talked so quickly I couldn't always understand him, and often spoke to us with words like, "who dat?" and "yo" and the like. I felt bad for him getting all too an unfortunate picture of what things are probably like at his house, but if he grabbed Cecilia again, I was going to say something.

By the time we got home and I got Elizabeth asleep for her nap, I earned every minute of that "me" time.

I would like to get more reading time into our schedule as the girls seem to skip it to play, and that is okay, but some reading time would be good. I do think the 1 reading lesson before math will help. It is just hard to get the girls to want to sit and be read to in the afternoon, which is when such an activity suits my energy levels best. All in all, not a bad week.

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