Monday, December 6, 2010

Blessed Feast of St. Nicholas!!!

Saint Nicholas is a saint I've grown particularly close to. He is the patron saint of children so I keep him on speed dial, so to speak.

It seems particularly fitting that his feast day falls so close to Christmas. Christmas really is about children, about God becoming a human infant, about the beauty and innocence and hope that are children. It seems divine preparation to thus celebrate his feast in preparation for the birth of Christ.

In celebration of St. Nicholas' Feast Day, Cecilia and Felicity each got a chocolate Saint Nicholas with a candy cane crosier, 3 chocolate gold coins, 3 chocolate kisses, and a small container of M&Ms. Elizabeth got 3 chocolate gold coins and 3 chocolate kisses. And, as a present, we are looking forward to reading this new book on St. Lucy.

Felicity came downstairs first and was very excited to see the bounty. She hugged me and thanked me and asked when she could eat some. I informed her she had to wait until 1) she had eaten some real breakfast and 2) Cecilia had gotten up and eaten breakfast.

Unfortunately for her, Cecilia slept in until 7:45. This is the second morning in a row she has done so and it is a bit shocking. She used to get up over an hour earlier than that. I'm still a little curious to see where this is going. When she got downstairs, patient Felicity was too eager for Cecilia to notice their surprise. Cecilia was still waking up and didn't even notice at first. Upon directing her to where she should look, she stared. And then, slowly, a small grin came over her face and a tongue crept out and licked her lips.

I let them eat some of the candy after Cecilia had breakfast and made them save the rest for at least after lunch but they all very much enjoyed their St. Nicholas treat.

On a less happy note, Leroy Carhart, who is a noted abortionist performing abortions even into late pregnancy, opened his doors for "business" today in Maryland. In honor of St. Nicholas, the patron Saint of children, please join me saying a prayer for his conversion and the lives of those, born and unborn, who pass through his front door. Thank you.

Blessed Advent and Blessed Feast of St. Nicholas!

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  1. It's so wonderful how our kids are so happy over the relatively (well, relative to Christmas) small celebration of St Nicholas! A Wonderful St Nicholas Day to your family!