Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the World of Little People

A few years ago, Cecilia got a set of Fisher Price Little People. A year or two later was added a Little People Zoo and Little People Safari expanding the collection in animals. Over Christmas, Elizabeth expanded the collection to include Noah's Ark, a Pet Shop and a House with grandparents, a family, and some more children.

One thing I love about these Little People is how much the girls do with them and how creative they get. Since the Christmas expansion, not only is it easier to share Little People girls (they were more coveted than the boys) but the girls have taken to building entire towns.

The animals encircle the Tree. The tree has a swing with a bird on top. Apparently it is a Cuckoo bird because Felicity claims to repeatedly need to repair it. 

Two by two.....Noah is always busy. I especially love the waterfall touch. Noah better hurry!!!

The Pet Shop flanks the left while the playground flanks the right. Looks like a party!

Noah's house? Or maybe just a neighbor. The girls also often confiscate the Barn or toy Farm (seen to the right of the house here) to add to the town.

It is positively amazing how long the girls can play with these little people making them do all sorts of things. I love how durable they are - we haven't had a piece break yet and the girls really get creative with their storylines, who is doing what, who is friends with who, who needs saving or is married to who or who is the mommy of who. No Soap Opera has anything on our play room. 

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