Saturday, January 1, 2011

On Ice

On our anniversary, we all went to Gaylord National to see their ICE! display which, this year, was themed on Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We'd never been before and thought it might be something different and fun.

Included in the price of admission was an exhibit on the art of Dr. Seuss. It was rather interesting and, considering how many Seuss books we read and know, fun to see so many characters and drawings.

Before going into the actual ice exhibit, they offer you the use of a parka. We came prepared though and didn't need one (though you will see many people in the pictures in the blue parkas); Cecilia and Felicity wore snow pants, fleece jackets and winter coats. Cecilia and Elizabeth also wore mittens and for her legs Elizabeth got sweatpants over her pants. By the time we got all that on the girls, in my t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket, I was so hot and sweaty I was looking forward to the 8 degrees!

Yes, this Grinch is taller than I am.

The Who Village

James and Cecilia in the Who Village

James is just shy of 6 feet tall if that give you an idea on how big this ice Grinch is.

These stairs let up to the top of four slides, two shorter and two longer. All four are made completely of ice lit from beneath.

Cecilia went down twice, once on a short slide and once on a long slide. She liked the longer one best.

Awe, I love Max.

Now THAT'S a Christmas tree! So cool!

Following the Ice Grinch exhibit, there is a crystal clear ice nativity along with a narration of the nativity story.

Afterwards, of course, they sell hot chocolate. We passed on that as every time I've tried to make the girls any they complain it is hot. But Cecilia was so excited to see they had an ice rink. She begged and begged for someone to take her. Being pregnant, it was simply not an option for me to get on the ice, but we rented her skates and I walked along the outside of the rink while she tried to glide along the inside of the rink wall. 

Cecilia loved ice skating so much but she got upset that she didn't really know how to do it. I told her we could look into lessons for her at some point. Now is simply not a good time, but maybe by next fall or winter it will be a more practical possibility.

I don't know that we would go every year, but it was a different and neat experience this year and both girls said they enjoyed the trip. Overall it was a really neat family outing and, really, what better way is there to spend your anniversary.

(There is one family shot from our visit, but as the employees there took it and I bought a print, James needs to scan that photo so I don't have it yet. Another time.)

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