Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Review: 1/14/11

Well, this week has moved a bit slower than I expected it would but was still more tiring than I thought it would be.

On Saturday, I thought I would take my time, all day if needed, and give the living room it's much-needed thorough cleaning and begin my thorough cleaning of the main floor for January. I did take my time, about 5 hours, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, de-cluttering, repairing a drawer, etc. I really didn't think I was over-doing it and I had finished by around 3pm. But around 5pm, I began to feel a pain on the left side, just left of the baby, almost like I had pulled something. Then I began cramping. I helped get the girls dinner, give them baths, and put them to bed, but otherwise I was sitting and yet, I kept cramping. My biggest comfort was I could still feel the baby moving despite the cramps ... or because of the cramps? I had drank 1 soda (decaff), 3 glasses of iced tea, and was on my second mug of 32 ounces of water, so I knew dehydration could have nothing to do with it. After 3 1/2 hours of cramping, I decided to give my doctor a call. I'd never had cramps last so long in the 3rd trimester without it being early labor. My OB practice has 6 doctors, all of whom I've met and seen, and I was very comforted by the fact my favorite happened to be on call. He told me to lay down, keep drinking water and see if the cramps stopped. He said if it was preterm labor, they wouldn't stop and we'd know within a few hours. I laid down and, despite the fact we were watching Inception (if you've seen it, relaxing is not a word that would describe this film), the cramps stopped almost immediately. For the next hour and a half all I felt was the baby moving and one braxton-hicks contraction (which is perfectly normal). I called my doctor back at 10:15 and updated him. He advised me to go to bed. I said I was on my way but when he joked he could even send me a prescription to go to bed, I asked if it could have no expiration date and asked how many refills I could get. :)

So, fortunately, no trip to the hospital was necessary, but I did take it slow and easy Sunday and Monday. Looking back, the discomfort was worst when standing, a little better when sitting, and disappeared when laying down. I also think, as does my doctor, that the baby's position had something to do with it. A little over a week prior the baby went from floating high in my ribs making me struggle to breath to sinking between my hips straining my back and giving me a noticeable penguin walk. The baby doesn't seem to be so far down all the time, but sometimes there is a noticeable pressure, or pushing down feeling. So it seems the baby's position plus my "workout" made for an eventful evening.

Fortunately, by Tuesday, I was feeling pretty good with decent energy levels. I even managed to get about 1/3 of the kitchen cleaned including reorganizing the pantry and all the tupperware. I must have really tuckered myself out too because Tuesday night, for the first time in I can't remember how long, I slept all night without waking up once. This late in a pregnancy, that is no small feat. Wednesday I made more headway in cleaning the kitchen and finished all the counters, appliances and cabinets. Thursday, we were expecting a large delivery late in the day, so I needed to get the hallway clear to make sure we'd have a place to put the 6 boxes. So I cleaned the hallway and the hall bathroom and then managed to finish the kitchen, which was really just the table, chairs and floor.

Monday through Thursday, Cecilia and Felicity did well with their schoolwork. Cecilia is on lesson 49 of 100 in her reading book. Some of her enthusiasm for math does seem to have waned as it is not all things she knows. The addition is getting just a smidgen higher and she doesn't like that but she does a page or a couple of pages in her math book each day. She has also taken a greater interest in her science book, particularly the chapter on insects (she MUST get that from Daddy) though she was very concerned about ever getting bit by a mosquito. That chapter in particular made her anxious for Spring with the thought of seeing ladybugs or making an ant farm. Last fall we picked up a ladybug and butterfly kit. It has a net in which to raise butterflies and a dome in which to raise ladybugs and a form that you fill out and they ship you ladybug eggs and caterpillars. I've held on to it and am waiting until Spring simply because, if we got them now, and once they are grown, what would we do with them? So, I think that will be a special Spring project in a couple of months.

Last week I took my Glucose test. I passed! But, apparently, when I suggested we test my thyroid levels just to be sure they were good for the 3rd trimester, I was wiser than I knew. Turns out they were off. How is it when I think they are off, they are actually fine and when I don't think anything is wrong, they are off and my dosage needs to be changed? I'd like someone to come out with a home-tester so I can check easily on my own, like diabetics can (though obviously it is a lot more critical they can do it than I can). Oh well. New dosage acquired until the baby is born.

Friday I really expected to be fairly restful, but it was anything but. I went food shopping in the morning and picked up Chick Fila for lunch. I then sat on the floor and played Mr. Potato Head with Cecilia and Felicity for an hour during Elizabeth's nap. I had promised I would. So I did. But oy vey was my back mad at me. I then finished cleaning up the dishes, putting away the non-perishable groceries, emptying the dishwasher and refilling it, making fresh iced tea, and got the bread baking for dinner. Then I got Elizabeth up and added the potatoes and carrots to the cooking roast. By the time I sat down again my lower back was furious. So I will definitely be making a point to take it easy this weekend.

Hope you had a good week and have a fun, restful weekend!

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