Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Review: 1/21/11

On Saturday we put together the girls' new bunk beds (see post below). And, although we did take it pretty easy over the weekend, we also ran to the mall and ordered a mattress for Elizabeth. Hopefully next week we will move her into Cecilia's and Felicity's room. It will be interesting trying to keep Elizabeth in a bed as there will be no bars, but it should also be easier to get all three girls to bed at the same time in the same room rather than at the same time but in two different rooms. Also that means, once the new baby arrives, the newby won't be waking Elizabeth up every 2-3 hours during the night. Elizabeth sleeps very very well and as hesitant as I am to change anything on her, if we don't change it now, things will change in a couple of months anyway and we do try hard for the girls not to associate things like that with the arrival of a new baby.

Monday night we had a bit of snow, and a nice amount of ice. Tuesday the government was delayed and schools either delayed or cancelled. Cecilia, though homeschooled, seemed to innately be aware of this and refused to do any school work. Well, the rest of the state was taking off and Cecilia is still only 4, so we played hooky Tuesday, but at home. I wasn't about to go anywhere with ice everywhere. The one cleaning project I wanted to deal with this week was the playroom and I don't mean just dusting and vacuuming but going through ALL our toys, including the ones in storage boxes. So I brought up the boxes from the basement and basically emptied them into the playroom. The girls were nuts playing with anything and everything. It was like Christmas II.

On Wednesday, Cecilia claimed she couldn't do school because she had a headache. But, of course, when I suggested she lay down, Cecilia ran off to play. Isn't she a bit young for this? Actually, I don't think she has anything against doing school but neither do I think she had a headache. I think the main culprit is all the "new" toys in the playroom. She just wanted to keep playing with blocks and Little People. It is like asking a child to do schoolwork on Christmas. I did manage to get her to put a half-effort into one reading lesson, but then I surrendered and decided the sooner I finished tackling the playroom the better. So I spent two hours that morning finishing sorting, organizing and cleaning the playroom and all the toys. Where 4 boxes came out of storage, 2 went back and yet the playroom has less in it and is better organized. Don't ask me exactly how I managed that. Other than better organizing and packing I have no clue. But it was a definite success evidenced by Cecilia's comment when she came in: "Mom, what happened to all the toys?" After a quick vacuum of the kitchen and living room, I declared victory on the cleansing of the main floor.

I also got an update on Katrina. Her MRA was completely normal (vessels). Her MRI showed muscle and fat tissue involvement but no bone involvement. No bone involvement is very good news. One concern though was that there might have been a possible hemorrhage vs. calcification on one side of her face. She had had a seizure a few years ago that temporarily paralyzed half of her face and there is now a question whether that was not a seizure but a hemorrhage. Hopefully a neurologist will be able to determine more. She should begin chemo and the medication soon. They will not be doing steroids at this point to try to keep her blood sugar levels good. Please continue to pray for Katrina.

School this week was a bit like pulling teeth but by Thursday Cecilia had completed lesson 50 of the 100 reading lessons in her reading book. Cecilia actually very much likes learning, but I think all the "new" toys that came out this week made it a little harder for her to concentrate. Hopefully next week will go more smoothly.

Thursday James took a train for a job interview that was 2 1/2 hours away. I knew it might be a bit of a long day doing everything by myself from breakfast through getting the girls asleep - all 3 girls at the same time in 2 different rooms. I planned to take it easy and just sort of coast through the day. Silly Mommy! During lunch Cecilia began complaining her stomach hurt. She laid down on the sofa and only got up once to go to the bathroom for almost 6 hours. She was running a 100 degree fever, but otherwise just laid there resting. Until 5:40 when she "tossed her cookies." My bedtime plan and my backup bedtime plan went out the window. I tried to bathe Elizabeth and get her in bed, but Felicity came to get me when Cecilia had two false alarms. Leaving Elizabeth twice upset her enough I simply brought her back downstairs and began plan D: wait for James to get home so one of us could stay with Cecilia while the other got the other two asleep. Everyone went to bed past their bedtimes but after throwing up 2 more times, Cecilia fell asleep on the sofa around 9:30 and slept until 6:30. I slept on the other sofa.

By Friday, everyone was tired and all our Friday plans were uncertain. We did manage to get the food shopping done, but otherwise just took it easy. It seems Cecilia is over her stomach bug. Now we are just hoping no one else gets it.

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