Monday, February 21, 2011

My Wedding Dress

Betty Beguiles has asked women to post about their wedding dresses. So here is mine.

I admit I hadn't thought too deeply about what kind of wedding dress I wanted. But I knew what I liked and didn't like. My first criteria was that it be modest, as much as possible, and, for me, that meant it had to have sleeves and cover as much as possible. But there was a complication about finding myself a dress. I was living in Florida planning for a wedding in Maryland, so we would be parishioners at the parish in which we would be married. So finding a larger chain store where I could try on and find and buy the dress in Florida, but still be doing alterations in Maryland helped make things a little easier. I found my gown online even before I went to the store, but I bought my dress at David's Bridal.

I loved the white with beading and the elegance of the gown. I loved the elaborate sheer long sleeves and I am a big fan of the sweetheart neckline. It even went from my sweetheart neckline up high behind my neck, which is one of my favorite general dress designs. 

There are only two things I regret. One is that I never took my veil out from it's bag until the morning of my wedding. Can you say wrinkles? Yeah. Just never dawned on me. Oh well. My only other regret was that when I went for a fitting and had alterations done, I was so focused on how the dress fit around my midsection, that I completely forgot to ask them to take up the collar a bit, such that it was a little too big around my neck. I still love my dress though.

Being in Florida, planning for a Maryland wedding in January, I bought a fur-lined cape to help keep off the chill to and from the wedding and reception. How the heck was I supposed to know it would be 60 degrees that day!?! Oh well, still a pretty cape.

As for my train, though I did want a train, I wasn't really set on a long one. Frankly, I'm not a person who likes a lot of attention. I had to build up for a while to accept that I would be getting a lot of it on my wedding day but I wasn't looking for more than necessary and I was concerned how much attention a long train would bring but the dress I wanted came with the train you see. It is an absolutely beautiful train. The priest who married us said it reminded him of The Sound of Music. Thankfully it wasn't that long. I would have preferred one a size down but for the gown it was worth it. 


  1. Your dress is pretty much what I wanted but couldn't find.

  2. Beautiful! I wish I'd had my shoulders covered! It was something I just didn't give a thought to at the time that bothers me now!

  3. Baroness, your gown is absolutely gorgeous! So much beaded elegance! Beautiful

    Cam, I love your veil - absolutely beautiful. You have piqued my curiosity now about the two dresses. I had two pairs of shoes (heels for the ceremony and Keds for the reception, lol) but I will look for your post about the two dresses. I think everyone can look back on their wedding day and think of something they'd do differently. I'd keep my headband but probably change my veil. I also would have allotted more time for me to dance and maybe get a bite in between visiting with everyone!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! That is the dream story of a bride finding a dress that suits her and her personality!

  5. We have the same dress! I was ALLL about the long train, and the fact that it came off!!! You look great and have great taste! Woot Woot!