Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Review 2/11/11

Saturday was quite fun. There is a lovely couple from our parish we had met here and there but never spent much time with (and the Mrs. I only really knew via Facebook). So we scheduled a play date and they came over with their two children. The guys got to talk theology for a bit, the moms got to chat some and the kids had a fun time. Their little ones are absolutely adorable! It took a little time for them to warm up but before they had to leave, there were hugs and kisses all around!

Sunday was Mass, BBQ, playing some Mario Brothers on the Wii and then the Super Bowl. I'm very thankful I really couldn't have cared less about it this year. Between the botched National Anthem, horrible half-time show, and inappropriate or boring commercials it was helpful that I didn't care for either team nor how the game turned out. I even went to bed to read by the 4th quarter. Oh well. Hopefully next year will be better.

Monday was a bit of a struggle as we got the girls got back into the swing of the school week. Last week's Elizabeth cold and then all the playing over the weekend brought on a bit of withdrawal. Cecilia got through her reading lesson though poorly-focused and a bit frustrated but she did a page of Math and went over some prayers. Felicity can recognize #1-10 with the exception of 9, which she confuses for 6 but she can count past 10. She is also recognizing more and more of her letters. She knows them all but knowing what they look like is our continued quest. We also began going over more shapes. She knows circles, triangles and stars. We are working on squares, rectangles, ovals and diamonds.

Tuesday I not only had no energy, I fell asleep twice between 11am and 12pm. I would have stayed asleep if little people would have let me. I wish I could say I got something done on Tuesday. Technically we did go over Monday's reading lesson again and do another page of math, but after that I surrendered and curled up on the couch. I basically rested most of the day, being unsure if this was the third trimester energy depletion setting in, if I was getting sick, or what.

Wednesday my energy picked up a little. We went over reading lesson #55 for the fourth time. Cecilia's never needed to go over a single lesson 4 times, but it definitely made a difference and we did move on to lesson #56, which she did very well, and then did one more math page. Cecilia also got some puzzle books for Christmas and her birthday, like finding the hidden picture type puzzles, and she has enjoyed doing a few pages in those each day as a conclusion to her school work.

Wednesday night I finally got a decent night's sleep and actually felt awake on Thursday! I still haven't felt sick, so I'm guessing all the fatigue simply came down to being in the 3rd trimester and some pretty poor nights' sleep. Cecilia did lesson #57 and did it well, but finished with, "Now I can play!" I kindof knew at that point that I was fighting a losing battle. Even if I forced her to do some math or science or religion, she would not be paying very close attention.

In fairness, as we get closer and closer to the baby's arrival, school will probably become more and more relaxed just based on my energy and the recognized change in the atmosphere of preparing for a baby. I knew this would happen, which was one of the primary reasons I began school so formally last fall for Cecilia. We will certainly continue to work on our reading and math, but I'm not sure how much more we will necessarily get through or that it will necessarily happen Monday through Thursday as it has been. My primary goal is to continue the reading lessons as, once anyone can read, the possibilities become endless. After that, any math practice and improvement is also good. I plan to begin a bit more structured schooling next September, when Cecilia would be legally required to begin Kindergarten anyway but I'm hoping having a little bit of a leg up in reading and math will make her first official school year a little easier and more enjoyable, particularly for her.

So Thursday I got the kitchen cleaned up, the dishwasher emptied and reloaded and began organizing and de-cluttering the only floor I hadn't dealt with yet - the basement. There are really 2 projects for me over the next 6 weeks in addition to, oh, preparing for labor. 1) To organize, clean and de-clutter the basement and 2) get all the baby stuff out and organized for our newby. Since most of the baby stuff is in the basement, these two projects do overlap a little and, some of what is in the basement, James needs to deal with, so it isn't all up to me.

Friday was food shopping, which wore me out more than I thought it would. Followed by Elizabeth first fighting her nap and then unable to nap due to teething discomfort and I was ready to rest again. I spent over an hour trying to get Elizabeth asleep to no avail. All four of her canines have broken through, but all four are still working their way into being functional teeth rather than tiny peaks. It has made for a bit of a clingy, grouchy Elizabeth and a sketchy naptime, though this is the first time I've ever seen her unable to nap. She did try. She would lay down, close her eyes and begin to drift off, only to wake a minute later crying. So the rest of Friday was spent taking it easy knowing I was getting tired and would have a very overtired Elizabeth.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Having computer problems so reading but not commenting much. Hope Elizabeth's teeth stop giving her so much trouble and everyone has a restful weekend.

  2. Hi Joy! Good to hear from you. Hope your computer is well again soon!