Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Review 2/4/11

After our very busy weekend (see previous post), Monday went pretty well. Cecilia reviewed her last reading lesson and we read some "Jesus stories," I got all the laundry done and even began organizing some things for the new baby. The new baby's car seat arrived as well as my mom for a few days. Overall, I thought Monday went pretty well coming down off such a stimulating weekend. Until Monday evening.

Elizabeth tried and tried to go to sleep but after an hour of trying finally got so frustrated she just broke down crying. She has 3 canines that have broken through though they are still just little peaks and still have a ways to go to becoming fully functioning teeth. And, of course, the 4th canine is still trying to erupt. In the end, it took ibuprofen and until 10:30 to get Elizabeth asleep only to have her wake at 10 something and 1 something, both of which sent James in to get her back asleep, and I went in at 2 when she woke again. The 4th time she woke up crying, we just brought her to our bed to make things easier on us but also make sure she wouldn't wake up her sisters. Against all hopes of her catching up on a little of her sleep by sleeping later, she got up at 6am, running a low-grade fever.

So Tuesday did not get off to a good start. Felicity got up cranky. My back was very angry at me due to the positions I wound up sleeping in with a 1 year old beside me (and all that time trying to get her to sleep). I surrendered school for the day but it didn't help the morning much. Felicity and Cecilia turned into a bossy dog and a cranky cat and were bickering every hour - hitting, kicking, pushing, screaming, etc. A total of 5 time-outs later, I think they finally got the message that if they don't play nicely, they don't play at all. Of course by then my patience was not what it had been, which alone upset me.

The rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday was spent caring for a very cranky 1 year old. Elizabeth continued to have a fever, as high as 101.4, both days and her nose jumped on the bandwagon running constantly. She wanted to be held. She needed her nose wiped constantly. Her Tuesday night was absolutely horrible (thus so was James' and mine) so by Wednesday morning, around 9:30, she came over to me while I was at the computer, lay down on the floor at my feet, and pulled my hand down to rub her back. So, while she usually goes down for her nap at 12:30pm, she willingly went up for her nap at 10am and slept an hour and a half.

Fortunately, her Wednesday night was much improved. She woke once from an apparent nightmare, but otherwise got a full night of much-needed sleep. Thursday her nose continued to run through our tissues and she continued to want to be held constantly but her fever was gone.

Between my poor nights' sleep and a sick Elizabeth, school barely happened this week and not much else happened Tuesday through Thursday but, I guess, some weeks are just like that. Friday was nice though as I had an OB appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat and the doctor confirmed my suspicions that the baby is already head-down. I also was able to spend some time in adoration!

Not the funnest week, but it definitely had a nice ending.

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