Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Reivew: 3/4/11

Our weekend was pretty relaxed. I must say I definitely feel like I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy. When almost anything can give me indigestion and reflux, you know that baby is pushing in every direction. It has also gotten harder to bend over easily or get onto the floor or up again. I'm not due til April, but I'm betting on March. So a fairly quiet, relaxing weekend was rather nice.

Monday Cecilia did reading lesson #64, but, since she struggled with several words, we repeated it on Tuesday. She also got done 2 pages in her math book before jumping into a puzzle book. The girls played very well Monday and I spent a fair amount of the day taking it easy and reading. I'm working my way through the final book of a trilogy and I really want to finish it before having this baby. The book is over 650 pages hardcover and I'd just rather bring a smaller book to the hospital. Plus, it would feel nice to the OCD in me to finish the trilogy before I pick up any Lenten reading next week or shift gears with a new baby.

Tuesday, around 4:40am, Felicity came to our room and climbed into our bed. Fortunately she fell back asleep, but Elizabeth came to our bed an hour later. I swept her up and tried to get her back to sleep in her own bed but, a half hour later when she was mumbling randomly and trying to dance with my hands, I surrendered and brought her downstairs. Cecilia, apparently trying to balance out her sisters, slept til 7:15. Cecilia repeated lesson #64 and did another page in her math book. Then the girls got out puzzle books. This is a bit of a problem only because Elizabeth is too young to do one but not too young to try to color or pencil on her sisters', so I become a permanent distractor to her while answering questions from the other two.

While, on Wednesday and Thursday, Cecilia got through 1 more page of math and 2 more reading lessons, I otherwise took it pretty easy. I had been excessively tired on Tuesday and, while I did get a decent night's sleep for Wednesday, since Elizabeth came to our bed at 5:30, I still felt like I'd been up more than usual. The baby has definitely grown in the last 1-2 weeks. The movements have gotten subtler, smaller, and, generally speaking, less obvious. Maybe the baby has been sleeping more this week, but when they sleep is when they grow anyway. Someone definitely seems to be running low on space. I have not yet had any real contractions, which is good since I'm not actually full term yet, but I've had numerous BH contractions and, this week, began having 2 or 3 cramps a day. Of course that doesn't mean much, but it does mean things are beginning to warm up.

Friday was my first busy day of the week really. I woke up at 5:30 with both legs beginning to cramp. I managed to stop one but the other was insanely persistent. I physically could not push my heel down to stretch the muscle. Using my hands I couldn't even pull my toes up for the same purpose. That muscle was just fighting me with everything it had. I actually had to stand up and put my weight on it just to flatten my foot and it still took me several minutes before I could lift it without it trying to cramp again. Of course afterwards the muscle was spasming. I've never had a leg cramp so bad. Needless to say there was no going back to bed after that.

I had an OB appointment at 10:30. Everything looked great and the doctor said the baby's head was so low she couldn't even really feel it. I informed her my back would confirm her diagnosis. I have an appointment 2 weeks from now and another scheduled a week after that, assuming this little one holds out that long. I also happened to see when which doctors are scheduled to be on call this month at the hospital. I took a picture of the calendar with my iphone. The odds of getting my favorite doctor are slim, but at least it will give me a heads up as to who to expect.

I then ran to Gaithersburg to donate our old kitchen chairs (all except the damaged one) to a Catholic parish there that helps give donated furniture to people who need it. By the time I battled my 7th highway in 4 hours, I was ready for a rest. So that was how I spent the afternoon. I have about 175 pages left in my book, so I should finish it sometime in the coming week, but hopefully before Wednesday as that is when I plan to begin my Lenten reading and it would be nice to begin Lent with a fresh start.

Have a Blessed Weekend!!!


  1. Do you know, I had cramps like that (and I'm not pregnant) in my leg a few weeks ago. Woke me up out of a deep sleep screaming. Woke my kids up. Jeff was out of town for work :(. Once I was coherent enough to know what was going I was offering them up for pregnant women...and crying because it was that bad. I hope the baby comes when he or she is ready and you get your favorite doctor.

  2. Kristen, those leg cramps are a rude awakening aren't they? They are so not fun. I've read magnesium can help prevent them and hydration might have something to do with them but otherwise I'm not sure what else can be done to prevent them.