Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Facts about Me and My Better Half

Betty Beguiles asked bloggers to post 10 Facts about Me and My Better Half. I'm a little behind as it has been a busy week, but here goes.

1. We first me online. Back in the stone age of the internet, when there wasn't much besides AOL and chat rooms were fairly sane even without a SWAT team, we first met in an AOL Catholic chat room in August of 1996.

2. After developing a friendship online, my dad flew with me from Florida to Texas to meet James for his birthday.

3. I spent my freshman year at Duke University. I'm still an avid Duke Basketball fan, but I hated going to school there. It was after a visit to James that I transferred to the University of Dallas.

4. My most romantic moment during the years we dated was in Florence, still a favorite city of ours. It was evening, strolling through the Piazza della Signoria in front of the Uffizi Museum and I had bought some vanilla gelato with fresh strawberries. We sat beneath an alcove with lighted museum piece statues and James bought me red roses from a woman selling them on the Via dei Calzaioli. We hadn't planned any of it.

5. James and I dated off an on from 1997 until 2004. That happens when both parties keep discerning religious vocations. James had applied to the seminary and I visited 3 religious orders. Fortunately for Cecilia, Felicity, Elizabeth and Teresa, we eventually figured things out.

6. James proposed on my patron saint's feast day, April 29th 2004 when he came to visit me in Florida. I was living at home finishing my Master's Thesis. He proposed at Morton's after a delicious steak dinner with bearnaise sauce and a chocolate soufflé.

7. We spent our honeymoon in a cabin in the smokey mountains. We hope one day to be able to go back as a family.

8. We don't really have a song. I guess we should get one. :) Any suggestions?

9. We like almost all of the same foods. The exceptions being that he likes chorizo and I can't stand the smell of it and he feels likewise of my likes of tuna fish as well as dill pickles. He won't kiss me if I've had any.

10. James does most of the cooking. Not only is he a better cook than I am, he is more of a foodie too. He cooks dinner almost every day. For Mother's Day and our anniversary, he makes me a special meal for dinner (unless we go out). He even mastered how to make, from scratch, bearnaise sauce, chocolate souffle and vanilla bean creme brulee for me.

Bonus: I only ask for flowers once a year - on our anniversary. I always want the same flowers as my wedding bouquet. He has never forgotten and they are always a wonderful reminder of our wedding day as well as a perfect joy in the dead of winter.


  1. Great List! My parents live in Durham and my mom works for Duke Hospitals and growing up in Raleigh, I was a Duke basketball fan (not much for college basketball now although I'd root for Duke before anyone else). How cool to find that out! And I think we are both truly blessed with a gift from God with these husbands who cook. Truly you two were meant to be together :).

  2. Yea UD! We met at UD freshman year and got married a month after graduation.

  3. I can't get the posting page to load properly, but yes, she arrived this morning and all is well! Hopefully I can make a post soon.

  4. Kristen, both my parents went to Duke Law. Having grown up watching Duke basketball, it was very fortunate that my husband just so happened to also be a Blue Devil fan. Husbands who cook are such a blessing!!!

    J M, I love the UD romances. UD seems good at that! :)

    Tienne, Wonderful News!!! I can't wait to read it!

  5. Awwwww, how sweet about the flowers!! :D

  6. Nice list!

    Our wedding song is Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." My husband isn't the mushy type, so this song was a good one for both of us! :)