Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter

While our Easter Sunday weekend was better than our Palm Sunday weekend, we were still a bit under the weather. Felicity seemed to have picked up a cough, Cecilia's runny nose had made a bit of a return, and though Elizabeth's nose had slowed down, it did mandate a bath every night. I admit I wondered if any of it could be due to allergies, but I couldn't be sure Cecilia and Felicity didn't have some degree of a cold which Elizabeth was still struggling to be rid of.

My congestion varied by time of day but Teresa was, by far, the worst with congestion, sneezing, coughing and gagging as she struggled to breath while eating and sleeping. Since Teresa is exclusively breastfed (I do not even own a bottle) and there was no way I was dragging a sick 3 week old to the most crowded Mass of the year, there simply was no way I could attend. Maybe, maybe she would sleep and be fine for an hour and a half without me. But, and being sick and so young, the odds being she would want to nurse before that, I could not leave her and I could not bring her. So I missed Easter Sunday Mass and stayed home with a sick Teresa.

Add in a very congested James and you get a house of sniffles, coughs, sneezes and runny noses. It is an improvement from last weekend, but we are all still sick and as much as I hated missing Mass, sharing a cold virus would hardly be an appropriate way of wishing fellow Mass-goers a Happy Easter. We did watch Mass on EWTN but I still felt a little like a heathen. I'm just not used to going to Mass once in a month. (I missed Mass on the 3rd because of Teresa's birth and then Passion and Easter Sundays for illness.) Hopefully, May will bring with it a new month of health and plenty of Masses!

Fortunately, Easter baskets can be enjoyed with runny noses, sniffling, and tissues around in pajamas.
 Just to keep things easy for me to remember, I put each girl's basket underneath her photograph and each girl's presents under their basket. The small baskets with the bunny glasses were gifts made by my dad's secretary for the girls. 


Cecilia in her bunny glasses.
Included in the baskets from my dad's secretary were stackable colored pencils. Each girl got 5 but Felicity built a mega pencil with all of them. 

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