Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teresa's 4th Week: 4/29/11

It really hasn't been a fun week. From missing Easter Sunday Mass due to colds and runny noses to car repairs to an infection, this week really mostly stunk. I'm ready to be rid of April and greet May.

Monday night Teresa went on a bit of a nursing binge which lasted all day Tuesday. Tuesday evening I was hit with an infection. Wednesday was spent getting our van looked at and repaired which took almost all day. I also had to run to the doctor to get a prescription for some antibiotics, which the physician's assistant prescribed wrongly and the pharmacists had to discuss things with her (she tried to give me one not recommended for nursing mothers). Friday morning Felicity fell off the top bunk bed onto the floor. Throw in tornado watches and poor sleep and you get a pretty tired and easily irritable mommy.

But it is hard not to notice that some people had a much worse week than I did:

It is not hard to look through the pictures of destruction left by this week's storms and realize that my week really wasn't so bad.

I did manage to get the laundry done, vacuum the living room, play room and hallway, sweep the kitchen, keep the dish washer moving and get 2 reading lessons done with Cecilia. Cecilia did wonderfully with her reading, Teresa gained another 9 ounces and weighed in yesterday at 9 pound, 13 ounces and James finished teaching for the semester. The car repairs, oil change, etc. that would have cost over $1000, thanks to the warranty and a 20% off coupon, cost us only $335. And the antibiotics, despite being not one of the two usually used for such infections, seem to be working. We also got the girls out of the house for the first time in weeks and bought all the greeting cards we'd need for May.

So, I certainly have my blessings to be grateful for. Considering how much I disliked this week and yet it had many positive aspects, it makes me realize that most of my weeks are pretty good even if I hadn't been thinking of them that way.

Hope everyone is able to count their blessings and has a wonderful weekend!

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