Friday, April 8, 2011

Teresa's First Week: 4/8/11

We came home on Friday, but after she slept pretty much all day Thursday, she really just wanted to eat most of Friday and Saturday. Sunday she began to slow down a bit but protested if I tried to set her down.

Fortunately, on Monday, she began to build a pattern of nursing and then napping in her bassinet, sometimes for over two hours. I enjoyed the breaks and even got the laundry done and got a few other small things done, like getting out more baby blankets, going through the paperwork from the hospital, etc. Since I give birth in Virginia, her pediatrician had not seen her yet, so she had her first pediatrician visit Monday afternoon. The evening of her birth her weight had fallen to 8 pounds. By Monday she was 7 pounds, 14 ounces. The doctor suspects she had already hit her low weight was in the process of rebounding. He agreed she looked great and asked to see her again on Friday just to confirm her increasing weight.

Tuesday she surprised me by wanting to nurse all morning. She gave me a break after lunch sleeping for almost 2 1/2 hours and then wanted to nurse until 9 or so at night. I didn't get much done besides nursing as she seemed to want to eat about every 15 minutes or so. Since I was limited to sitting while nursing every 15 minutes most of Tuesday, I spent some time trying to wrap my head back around homeschooling. My head has been almost exclusively wrapped around pregnancy, labor and delivery for about 6 weeks, so I've been getting that, "now where was I?" feeling. I began some semi-form of formal homeschooling with Cecilia last fall and it has been reduced to basically a reading lesson in the last month or so. I'm not insane enough to try kick things into full swing again with a newborn nor am I inclined to do so before we move, probably in June sometime. But, in September, Cecilia will be legally required to be in kindergarten. I can't say as I'm worried as she is already reading around a 1st grade level and may by then be on a 2nd grade reading text, but I do want her to have a formal kindergarten where she does more than just practicing reading and a page of math. So I began looking into what her formal kindergarten might consist of as well as just what reading text, if any, should come after our current one.

Tuesday night I had her settled by around 9:45 or so and she slept until just before 3am. After a 3am nursing, she slept another 2 1/2 hours until around 6, nursed once and slept about another hour. Not a bad night by any means for a 6 day old! Wednesday she worked on getting back into her sleep, diaper change, eat, sleep pattern. I managed to get the kitchen floor cleaned and a few other odds and ends done but Thursday she went into a nursing frenzy. The longest she let me set her down all day was about 40 minutes. Otherwise she would sleep and eat in about 15 minute intervals. All. Day. Long. This is one of the reasons I love cosleeping in these early weeks. While she even had trouble settling down for the night, curled up against me she slept a good 4 to 5 hours before, well, before I woke up anyway. Then another 3 or so hour stretch and then another 3 hour stretch. (That is about an 11 hour stretch from 10pm to 9am with only 3 wakings to nurse!) Those all day nursings can be exhausting - for me and her - so nice stretches of sleep at night afterwards are very important and I really think being curled up next to me helps her sleep better, particularly during these early weeks when she is adjusting to so much and growing so much.

I got two smiling, but Teresa was ready to eat again. 

Friday Teresa had her second pediatric appointment. She weighed in at 8 pounds 2.4 ounces. She almost back up to her birthweight and gained just over 4 ounces in 4 days. It is nice to know nursing marathons have that effect. She also got her second metabolic screening (PKU). I insisted they use a heel warmer first as I've had the unpleasant experience of having a baby needing her heel pricked more than once for one test twice now and it is just so miserable, for me even more than the baby, and unnecessary. It is never fun, but since I'm hypothyroid, we always do it. She took it like a champ. 

I did manage to teach Cecilia 3 more reading lessons this week and she did so well, I was so happy. The text we are using, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, uses unique characters to teach the distinct sounds. It was these distinct characters that scared me away from the book the first time I saw it. This week she did lessons 74, 75 and 76, during which they begin transitioning from reading with the unique characters to reading regular text. I didn't know how she would handle it but she really has been transitioning very well.

All the girls have adjusted very well this week. Teresa has become a nursing pro, has improved her nighttime sleep, and is just beginning to look around a bit between naps. Cecilia has been trying to be good and help out more. Felicity adores Teresa. Elizabeth is the only one struggling a little bit. Before Teresa was born, Cecilia and Felicity would always play together and Elizabeth was Mommy's buddy. Now with Mommy's arms often holding Teresa and Cecilia and Felicity still playing more with each other, I think Elizabeth is feeling a little attention-deprived. Elizabeth kisses Teresa and loves to hold her hand, so she holds nothing against Teresa, she just misses mommy's undivided attention like she used to get. It has made her a little more sensitive, a little more demanding, and a little grouchier, but, as I said, in general, everyone has adjusted beautifully. And that includes me. I don't think I've ever recovered this well so quickly. I still have my limits, but doing laundry 4 days after, cleaning the kitchen floor 6 days after ... I can't complain. 

God Bless and have a good weekend!!!


  1. This is so encouraging to read as we are kicking in high gear for baby #4 now. After months of just seeing how it goes, but not really "trying" we are paying more attention to charts predictors etc. Will is just a month older than Elizabeth I think (he turns 2 May 7) and when someone asks who "mommy's baby" is, he always points to himself. This will end up being our longest break between pregnancies thus far and I am a little worried about some jealousy as Will is the first of our kids who actually prefers me to Daddy at this age. Plus knowing Will has very little experience being around breastfeeding (although my sister-in-law has nursed in front of him a few times) and I'll be having another c-section if/when God sees fit to bless us again, I have some new anxieties. So knowing Elizabeth is lonely but does not resent the baby is great! I'm so glad she's doing well and sounds like you and the girls and James are too!

  2. Kristen, how exciting! I hope all goes well. Yes I am very glad that while Elizabeth is struggling a bit to adjust, she is not putting blame anywhere, just looking for that little extra in attention, which I am trying to give her. Of course, this is also just week 1. As I improve and Teresa gets older and Elizabeth gets older, I expect it all to only get better. Try not to worry. :)

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! What a lovely family you have -- and such a confident young mother! May God continue to bless you.

  4. Congratulations!!! How did I miss this post! Your girls are all so beautiful and I loved looking at the pictures! Thank you for sharing!!!