Friday, April 15, 2011

Teresa's Second Week: 4/15/11

I spent Saturday mostly taking it nice and easy. James went food shopping and ran a few other errands.

It was good I rested Saturday as Teresa went on another nursing marathon Sunday morning, from 7:30am until past 1pm. It was also our first Mass as a family of six. Unfortunately, since none of us had gone the weekend before, the girls were a little rusty. It wasn't bad, and it will get better, but it was a little tiring, especially with Teresa nursing all through Mass. Sunday afternoon, friends came by with a delicious dinner for us and we got to spend some wonderful time chatting and watching all the little ones. Fortunately Teresa took a wonderfully long 3 or so hour nap that afternoon. 

Monday I did laundry and another friend came over and brought us another delicious dinner and spoiled me with more wonderful conversation. Unfortunately, Teresa was up nursing a number of times Monday night and Elizabeth came to our bed at 4:30, so I was more tired Tuesday. Cecilia did well on her reading lesson Monday, but when she requested a day off on Tuesday, considering I was tired and was still behind with the laundry, I consented. I had also been needing to deal with the girls' clothes situation. Elizabeth is getting too tall for the 2Ts, at least when it comes to dresses, both Cecilia and Felicity's winter dresses needed to be put up, not to mention the snow boots, snow suits and winter coats. And I thought it was a good time to assess if any of them needed to move up a size so I don't need to do this again just after moving (with the possible exception of Teresa). At the very least though everyone will have seasonal dresses that fit!

I only managed to get everything out though before Teresa was up again and this began a 2 1/2 day nursing marathon. All Tuesday and all Wednesday she would nurse, fall asleep for about 15 minutes, wake, nurse, repeat, repeat, repeat. She wouldn't let me set her down. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong, if the room was too noisy, if she wasn't feeling well, if she was going through a growth spurt or what but by Wednesday evening I was emphatically exhausted with a splitting headache. Fortunately another friend brought by another dinner for us. Teresa slept well Wednesday night waking only twice between 9:30 and 7:30 and her nursing slowed so she was able to take a real nap Thursday morning. It was only an hour nap, but it was the longest she'd napped since Monday.

Since she turned two weeks on Thursday and seemed to be coming down off her growth spurt, I thought it was a good time for her first at-home bath and a weighing. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces. That is a 6 ounce increase since last Friday. Good to know all that nursing was doing something. Unfortunately, with three little girls as my assistants, I forgot to take any pictures. But Teresa made it memorable anyway. I was carrying her vertically in her towel when I heard that sound. Any parent knows that sound when they hear it. It is the reason we call poopy diapers "squeegies" at our house. Sure enough, when I unwrapped the towel, she had squeegied and it had run down the towel and smudged all down her legs. She got cold and miserable while I had to clean off her legs.

Fortunately I did manage to finish going through the clothes. I moved Elizabeth up to the 3Ts and stored Cecilia's and Felicity's fall and winter dresses, and stored all the snow boots, snow suits, and winter coats and accessories. I also got the kitchen floor swept, the laundry finished (to the extent it ever is) and Teresa's baptism planning well underway. Thursday was a nice reprieve with Teresa napping in 2 hour increments. It is nice to know she can do it even if she seems fond of her nursing marathons. Friday she spent mostly nursing as well.

All in all, it has been a pretty decent week. A few things got done but not too much, Teresa is doing well and continuing to gain weight. Unfortunately, however, by Friday, Cecilia, Felicity and Elizabeth all have caught a cold. We will see how everyone is doing, but James and I may have to tag team for Mass this weekend.

Stay healthy!


  1. Wow, those nursing marathons are exhausting. Shelby was a "barracuda" nurser. She latched on and never wanted off. My boys were much easier to get to nurse on a more consistent pattern early on for some reason! I am dreading the clothes situation here, so this is actually quite motivating to read. Blessings for another great week.

  2. It's great that you are able to go with the flow when the baby wants to nurse for "marathons." I don't think I was ever that relaxed, and probably became frustrated when I couldn't get other things done. I think it's great that you are so relaxed -- there really is no sense in fighting it.

    Hoping you have a blessed Triduum.