Sunday, May 1, 2011

Teresa's Rosary

You may remember that I always make a rosary for each of my children when I am pregnant with them.

I made Teresa's for her while I was pregnant with her and, as I get the crucifix engraved with their name and birthdate, I finally was able to put the crucifix on and finish her rosary.

Her rosary is made of blue goldstone. I realize in the top picture they just look like dark beads, but I had to do one without a flash so you could see the crucifix.

They are actually dark blue beads and when the light hits them they sparkle quite a bit. Looking at them reminds me of star-gazing or pictures of galaxies.

Teresa is named after St. Teresa of Avila who was a great mystic. She enjoyed meditating on God in all His goodness and wrote about the mystical union between God and the soul. Somehow beads that seem like little reflections of the Heavens seem appropriate. Teresa's middle name, Marie, is after Mary, the Queen of Heaven.

It is funny how, even though I always make these rosaries before I have even met these little persons who are my daughters, their rosaries always seem just right for them.