Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Review 5/13/11

It has been such an insanely busy week!

Monday we drove to the District. James had some business to take care of at CUA and we wanted to get a few things at the stores in the Shrine. Afterwards we stopped by Mary's Garden where the three older girls played hide and seek and generally ran all over and threw leaves into the water fountain. There was one walk with the biggest rose bushes I've ever seen and as soon as you got close to them, nevermind walking between them, you were absorbed completely into their beautiful aroma. Heavenly. Mary's garden indeed! I also got a belated Mother's Day present: Teresa gave me her first smile. It doesn't get much better. The rest of Monday was spent doing laundry, giving Teresa a bath, and dusting my dad's room and the girls' room.

Tuesday I got all the laundry put away and cleaned the girls' bathroom, the upstairs hallway, and our bedroom. This was followed by 2 rounds of Candyland per Felicity's request and the discovery that Elizabeth tore two pages of Ferdinand and the Bull. ( :'( ) Wednesday I cleaned our bathroom and the stairwell completing the cleaning of the upstairs. I also gave James a haircut. By Wednesday evening I was exhausted.

Thursday I cleaned the playroom including storing some more toys. I also had my 6 week postpartum check up. Fortunately, Teresa slept the whole way to Virginia and the whole way back but she insisted on nursing through my entire check up. Every time I tried to put her in her car seat she wouldn't hear of it. If the seat wasn't going anywhere, she didn't want to be in it.

Friday Teresa had her 6 week check up. She weighed 11 pounds and measured 22 inches, putting her in the 85th percentile for weight and 60th for length. I explained her sensitive temperament. He agreed it sounded purely like a personality thing and she should calm down in the coming weeks. She is doing wonderfully but fell asleep nursing just before she had to get her shots. It was quite a rude awakening but she didn't cry long and her sisters were jealous of her Hello Kitty bandaid. While I was at the doctor's with Teresa, James cleaned the downstairs bathroom and hallway. About 4 hours after she got the shot, Teresa woke up, in the middle of her nap in the swing, absolutely hysterical. I gave her some Tylenol but she still cried inconsolably for a half hour. She would struggle to breathe she cried so hard and could not even latch on to calm herself. Sure enough, her thigh around the injection site was red. I tried to calm her but so little I did did any good. After I finally got her calmed down and back in the swing (the position is best for her leg and the sleep best for the pain) I broke down crying. I hate seeing my children in pain and being able to do so little about it. She is such a sensitive little girl and I did not give her Tylenol after her appointment and by the time I did, she was hysterical with pain.

Cecilia is up to reading lesson 96 out of 100 in her school book. She doesn't really need to finish the remaining lessons, though she will because I've promised her a big lollipop when she does. What she really needs now is practice. Practice reading books. Happily, she is totally into that. She finds herself corners in the playroom, hallway or living room and likes to read Minerva Louise books (Janet Morgan Stoeke) or Little Critter books (Mercer Mayer) or the Biscuit books (Alyssa Capucilli). And I don't mean she has them memorized or makes them up. She reads them. It is so wonderful! It is wonderful because she really seems to love reading! It is wonderful because it actually gets my "Tigger" to sit quietly. It is wonderful because she reads to Felicity! It is wonderful because it builds her confidence! It is wonderful because she learns new words! It is wonderful because it builds my homeschooling confidence! It is wonderful because it opens up the world of books to her! It is wonderful because it opens up the world to her! It is just wonderful!

Have a very blessed weekend! I know we will! :)


  1. What a very busy blessed week.
    Happy Weekend.

  2. Poor Teresa! Will had his two year check up this week and got a shot too. I decided to try skipping the tylenol and he was fine (thankfully). Will said he hopes "cute baby" (aka Teresa, he's looking at her pic in the side bar) feels better soon!